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erdplanetenbeobachtunger, sozialnetzwerktechnologieanalyst, transitszenebeobachter, hackerspacebewohner bio from Twitter

Thomas Kumlehn

Film/VFX coder and tinkerer, mad about 3-D / stereoscopic. Founder of the open hw/sw project @trueColor3D to watch #s3d on any screen, canvas, book, iDevice. bio from Twitter

Dirk Jäckel

Android applications and mobile services developer with a Mac. Co-hosting the pandroid podcast. bio from Twitter

Niklas Sch

My actual nick name is »nisc«, without the »r«. It stands for »no instruction set computing«. When German Tweets slip in, feel free to slap me with a LaserJet. bio from Twitter


The double helix is essentially the Sgt. Peppers of scientific models bio from Twitter

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Björn Günzel

Throwing Stuff At The Wall bio from Twitter

Mario Scheliga

programmer, author, father. loves design, artificial intelligence, kendo & iaido. reads Sun Tzu (& Sun Bin), Machiavelli, Nietzsche & Clausewitz. bio from Twitter


drupal, webdevelopment, medieninformatik, bio from Twitter

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Stefan Hoth

Father of 2🔸Curious about #leadership #parenting #politics #photography #community🔸Head of Operations @novoda Berlin🔸[he/him] bio from Twitter

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