Sessions at ÜberConf 2012 about Sonar on Wednesday 20th June

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  • Sonar Code Metrics Workshop (Bring a Laptop)

    by Matthew McCullough

    You're serious about improving the quality of your code base, but with 10,000 lines of code, where do you start and how do you ensure the greatest ROI for the re-work your team members will perform?

    Sonar is an open source tool that brings together the best of breed static and dynamic analysis of Java projects. The result is a unified view of problematic areas of your code on a time-line basis, allowing the team to attack the problems with the best ROI, and maintain a more watchful eye for positive and risky trends in the codebase in the future.

    This workshop will get you up and running with Sonar on your laptop and analyzing the source code of a project in under 90 minutes.

    At 10:30am to 3:00pm, Wednesday 20th June