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Arran Gallagher

IT Freelancer, Open Source advocate, Swimmer and Cyclist.

Stephen Martin

Im a, Dad, linux enthusiast, Love all things tech, bio from Twitter

Gordon Henderson

Internet technology consultant; Programming, Servers, Hosting, OpenSource, Linux, VoIP and Broadband bio from Twitter

Alan O'Donohoe

INGREDIENTS: Education, Technology, Computing, Humour (trace). MAY CONTAIN: Raspberry http://exa.im/alan bio from Twitter

Becky Newborough

Wife, mother, DWP civil servant, geek! Married to Philip Newborough aka @corenominal - follow him too; he's very funny! bio from Twitter

Ben Nuttall

Education, development & outreach at the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Mark Frimston

Software developer, indie game dev hobbyist, ponderer, cat lover. Overthinking it since 4.6e8

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Writer for Linux Format, Linux Voice,MagPi and @element14 Trainer/Facilitator/Hacker specialising in Raspberry Pi projects for print & Online bio from Twitter

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Jack Wearden

All-round Geek, Hacker & Doer.

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