Sessions at Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS-Q) on Monday 7th May

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  • Introduction and Keynote

    by Mark Shuttleworth

    At 9:00am to 9:55am, Monday 7th May

  • Apt Improvements

    As Ubuntu Server depends more and more heavily on automated usage of apt, we're seeing more and more failures of tests, installs, Juju, MaaS that result from apt mirror or proxy issues or general issues in apt's behavior.
    Here we will address ways we can make Apt more reliable.

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Monday 7th May

  • Community Roundtable Monday

    Tasks from daily community roundtable sessions

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Monday 7th May

  • Deprecate Language Selector

    That's a leftover from precise but it would be good to use the upstream "region" panel code and deprecate language-selector next cycle (better to have capplets integrated in system settings that those "launchers" for standalone apps there).

    We will maybe need some design input on the ui and to finish the coding part started this cycle.

    +1. The main missing bit here is integrating the ibus module chooser.

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Monday 7th May

  • Foundations Roundtable Monday

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Monday 7th May

  • Kernel Team Round Table - Monday

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Monday 7th May

  • Qt 5

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Monday 7th May

  • security-q-roundtable

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Monday 7th May

  • Create filesystems for embedded devices

    While Ubuntu runs fine on low spec hardware, the minimal system requirements are still pretty high. Ubuntu will not run on truly embedded hardware, the smallest Ubuntu root filesystem in the form of ubuntu-core still uses more than 100MB diskspace when unpacked. A tool to create even smaller footprint filesystems already exists in the form of initramfs-tools which has hooks and scripts to allow the addition of any binary from the underlying Ubuntu filesystem (or chroot) it gets executed from.

    Scope of this spec is to research, plan and implement the creation of a truly embedded rootfs builder which creates an absolute minimal filesystem that can also run on hardware with extremely limited diskspace by using parts of the existing infrastructure from initramfs-tools (i.e. copy_exec and friends).

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Monday 7th May

  • Juju resource map

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Monday 7th May

  • Maintenance and Enhancement of the Arsenal Reports used for tracking bugs

    Scripts are a key part of the quality we want to achieve. So, we need to organize how we develop and use arsenal, to avoid people being bottlenecks in the process or only one person or another to be responsible for all the structure, which doesn't scale.

    Define maintenance schema for reports being used to track bugs that the teams are working on (including but not limited to: http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/repo...).

    Have a defined process on how to contribute to arsenal (code reviews, mailing list discussions prior to implementation). Communication improved among people involved with arsenal. Not having scripts failing for days or unexpectedly due to changes known to a few.

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Monday 7th May

  • OpenStack HA

    Discuss HA for OpenStack components (RabbitMQ, MySQL, Keystone, Glance) based on the discussion at the OpenStack Design Summit.

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Monday 7th May

  • Plans for Python 3.3 (and 3.4) availability

    Python 3.3 will be released by August 2012, theoretically in time for 12.10. Should we make it available in Quantal, and if so, do we keep Python 3.2 or only support Python 3.3.

    Long term, if history is any guide, Python 3.4 could be released by February 2014, which is probably too late for 14.04 LTS, although we make the alphas/betas available early in that cycle and switch to the final release by 14.04 final.

    Some arguments for supporting 3.3 in 12.10 include proper support for namespace packages (likely, PEP 420) and built-in virtualenv, among lots of other improvements. Arguments against supporting 3.3 include not being sure that all our packages build against it (especially since it's still in alpha as we speak). Arguments against supporting both 3.2 and 3.3 include the additional disk image space necessary to support both. Arguments for supporting both include a longer and better transition period to a presumably 14.04 LTS world where only Python 3.3 is supported.

    We also need to consider how this will work with Debian, with their planned freeze in June, after which we can't switch the default Python 3 version.

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Monday 7th May

  • Server Vendor Enhancements for Apport

    Server vendors provide additional tooling for analysis of system crashes. This session is to discuss how these vendors can best integrate their tools into apport.

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Monday 7th May

  • Supporting OpenJDK in stable releases

    Discuss transitioning stable releases to latest OpenJDK for security reasons and for successful Panda buildds. Also discuss strategy once OpenJDK 6 goes End of Life in November 2012.

    At 12:00pm to 12:55pm, Monday 7th May

  • AppArmor testing

    Discuss AppArmor upstream test suite, and Ubuntu integration testing.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Awareness of existing user configurations in software feature upgrades

    Back when everyone had an xorg.conf and a lot of the X bugs were due to
    malformed config files, we would collect the files and run them through
    checkers. Brian Murray ran a bot that'd test xorg.confs in bugs posted
    to launchpad for instance. Found quite a few issues that way. These
    days xorg.conf's are rare and hardly anyone hand-edits them so we don't
    do this anymore (although maybe we should...)

    But the concept could be applied more generally for config files of all

    The most effective thing you can do (IMHO) is create apport hooks for
    every application that installs a config file, that looks for and
    attaches that file when a user files a bug via 'ubuntu-bug package'.
    The hooks are trivial python scripts, basically just:

    from apport.hookutils import *
    from os import path

    def add_info(report):
    if ui.yesno("Would you like to include your ~/.myconf?"):
    attach_file_if_exists(report, path.expanduser('~/.myconf'), 'MyConf')

    [You can omit the yesno prompt if you're absolutely certain there's no
    chance of sensitive info in the config file, or if you programmatically
    strip out or hide that info.]

    Copy your hook to /usr/share/apport/package-hooks locally, and test it
    out yourself. Once you have it working the way you think it should,
    post it to the package's bug tracker (ubuntu-bug <package>), and make
    sure to mark it as a patch. A package maintainer will review and
    incorporate it into the package.

    Next, wait, and let a nice database of config files accumulate in

    Then, run a launchpadlib script to download all the configs. Weed out
    all the dupes. Keep track of the package version.

    Now make a test that iterates through all the config files, launching
    the program, and testing if it successfully loads or exits/crashes.
    If the app has a test suite, bonus, run that too.

    Finally, go file bug reports (both in launchpad and upstream) for the
    failures that occur.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Certification coverage for 12.10

    This blueprint is for scheduling purporses only. Please read the full description at:


    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Eucalyptus updates in 12.10

    Discussions on euca2ools, the new features in Eucalyptus 3.0, and the soon to be released Open Source Eucalyptus 3.1.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Feedback on Precise Release and Improvements

    Feedback session on what went well and what needs to be tweaked from our experiences in precise. Goal is to keep the experiments that did work, and adjust those parts that were still causing problems.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Juju World Tour 2k12

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • LoCo Portal Content Review

    As part of the work on the LoCo portal this cycle, we'd like to review the current content in terms of the information we present to newcomers to the site, and ensure the core message of the site and all relevant documentation is up to date.

    In short, we want to ensure that the LoCo portal has prominent additional sections with brief and visually rich information on:
    - What a LoCo team is
    - How to join a LoCo team
    - ...

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Qt Birds of a Feather and Question and Answer

    Q&A / BoF on Qt Project governance, community, contributions, state of the project, etc.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Test that migrations are being assisted by m-a

    There are multiple bug reports indicating problems with migration-assistant and it being unsuccessful in migrating items for people. There doesn't seem to be much manual testing done of migration-assistant so it would be helpful if we were to setup automated testing somehow.

    Problem Bugs
    Bug 986161 - imported bookmarks from ubuntu not found
    Bug 986730 - nothing transferred from Windows 7
    Bug 980676 - migration-assistant encountering multiple users cause ubiquity to crash
    Bug 987902 - nothing imported

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • How Ubuntu and Canonical work with OEMs

    by Chris Kenyon

    At 3:00pm to 3:15pm, Monday 7th May

  • HP with Bdale Garbee

    At 3:15pm to 3:30pm, Monday 7th May

  • HP with Bdale Garbee

    At 3:30pm to 3:45pm, Monday 7th May

  • juju Charm Store

    by Marco Ceppi

    At 3:45pm to 4:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Control of TV from a local network

    A session to discuss the options surround control of an Ubuntu TV from a local network. Example: a remote control app on another device and an EPG guide on another device.

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday 7th May

  • Dell Devops Community Feedback

    BoF/Discussion on things community developers would want in a devops machine that came with Ubuntu.

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday 7th May