UX Cambridge 2012

The UX event for the East of England software, mobile and web communities.

29 30 November 2012

A community-driven, practical User Experience conference.

The event has a strong, practical focus on creating great user experiences. Connect with and learn from your peers and leaders in the industry in a comfortable and exciting space and take away skills you can immediately use in your work.

30 speakers

  • Sedef Gavaz @sedefgavaz I'm a user experience consultant, foodie and Londoner. Opinions are my own!
  • Ian Fenn @ifenn Consultant Information architect and UX designer. I take work seriously. Twitter less so - I am the UX Court Jester. Also, a sup
  • Stuart Church @stuchurch I try to get inside people's brains. Then I design stuff with the contents.
  • David Sheff Barker @mcshefferty User experience designer and studying psychologist. Cambridge. Author of McShefferty UX blog, UX consultant, cycling enthusiast,
  • Annette Priest @AnnettePriest UX Strategy | Research | Design Consultant .:. Founder - Revel Insight .:. I don't make anything, I make anything easier.
  • Antony Quinn @antonyquinn Innovation & technology consultant, actor & improviser.
  • Virginia Cagwin @vcagwin Expat living in London;Interaction Designer; mom; I drink coffee, LOTS of coffee
  • Kate Tarling @kateldn UX, research, IxD, Bristol, London, pools, rooftop bars, prosecco, dubstep, happiness, people, astonishment, measuring things...
  • Jeff Gothelf @jboogie UX Designer, O'Reilly author of Lean UX book (www.leanuxbook.com), Agile/UX guy, Speaker, Blogger. Founder at Proof NYC
  • Harry Brignull @harrybr
  • Caroline Jarrett Rosenfeld Media @cjforms UX, usability, forms, surveys, content strategy, writing for the web, designing for people who do not read easily.
  • Adrian Howard @adrianh Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot. Lean Startup convert.
  • Andrew Travers @atrvrs UX designer, fair weather @dulwichparagon cyclist, full-time coffee pedant.
  • Melanie Findlater @melfindlater Quirky Canadian in UK. A geek for social good. Love supporting people to use tech to engage with communities and change lives.
  • Darius Kumana @dariuskumana ThoughtWorker (& occasional trouble-maker) sharing musings on User-Experience, Agile software Delivery, Coaching and Leadership.
  • Darci Dutcher @DarciD UX/IA/UCD/Agile, rock-climber, traveler, concert go-er
  • James Chudley @chudders Author of 'Smashing UX Design', UX Director at cxpartners, UXBristol founder, dad, photo taker, golf ball loser, squash ball cha
  • Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmith UX Specialist at Red Gate. Organises @camusability events. Fan of Jack Russell terriers.
  • Sophie Freiermuth @wickedgeekie User experience architect. IA, prototyping, user testing, accessibility. Agile evangelist. Speaker, motivator and generally a Cu
  • Vasilis van Gemert @vasilis Lazy creator of things.
  • Francis Rowland @francisrowland UX designer @emblebi; sketchnoter, aikidoka, family guy. Cambridge Usability Group co-organiser, I dig science and data visualis
  • Mark Dalgarno @MarkDalgarno Software Acumen
  • Andy Morris @uxasperated Observations on user experience, software development and life on two wheels...
  • Clare Kerrison @Suriahslip Impro, theatre, comedy, coffee-drinking and other arts. Improv tutor for www.writeon.org.uk

11 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 29th November 2012

Day 2 Friday 30th November 2012

42 known attendees

  • Sedef Gavaz
  • Chui Chui Tan
  • Ian Fenn
  • Stuart Church
  • David Sheff Barker
  • Daniel Vaughan
  • Annette Priest
  • Antony Quinn
  • Virginia Cagwin
  • Kate Tarling
  • Jeff Gothelf
  • Richard Hare
  • Harry Brignull
  • Caroline Jarrett
  • Irene Melo
  • Adrian Howard
  • Andrew Travers
  • Paul-Jervis Heath
  • Anusha Iyer
  • Melanie Findlater
  • Darius Kumana
  • Darci D
  • Cara Hanman
  • chudders
  • Michele Ide-Smith
  • Akendi
  • Sophie Freiermuth
  • Vasilis van Gemert
  • Francis Rowland
  • Mark Dalgarno
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Andy Morris
  • Clare Kerrison
  • Inga Spouse
  • Jan Srutek
  • Instrata
  • Richard Caddick
  • Crafted
  • stank emp
  • Jay Heal

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  • Vanissa Wanick
  • Nick Dunlavey
  • Dan Ros
  • RobFarnell
  • Chris Risdon
  • Jay Greasley
  • Philip Roberts
  • Jill Lin
  • Bilel Bouraoui
  • ǝɔɐןןɐʍ ɹ ןʎɹɐp
  • Gavin Wye
  • Jo Packer
  • Steve O'Connor 🐙
  • Rosamunda_ar
  • Dr Makayla Lewis
  • emma L. bevan
  • Laura James
  • Phil Rodgers
  • Dan Jones
  • Mary Nolan
  • Alex Ng
  • Piero Ardizone
  • Peter Lambert
  • Danny Hope
  • Joel Chippindale
  • Jason Bootle
  • Boon Chew
  • Oliver Breuer
  • Robert Douglas
  • AlistairDorman-Smith
  • Nic Rodgers
  • Chris Wellborne
  • James Royal-Lawson
  • Philipp Schroeder
  • Billy Kennedy
  • John Stevenson
  • Lisa Rex
  • Rachel Littlefair
  • Emily Heath
  • Nellie LeMonier

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