A Web Afternoon

A mini-event for people who love the web.

19 May 2012 from 1pm to 6pm

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A Web Afternoon is a mini-event that will inspire and educate people who love the web.

Think TED, but for the web. Both speakers and attendees will be people from a variety of disciplines, but who all share a common passion for making the web a better place.

18 speakers

  • Carl Smith @carlsmith Chief Keeper Upper at nGen Works
  • Willie Jackson @williejackson Senior Engineer at W3 EDGE
  • Sanjay Parekh @sanjay Tech Entrepreneur, Founder of Startup Riot
  • Brandon Eley @beley Interactive Director of Kelsey Advertising & Design, Owner of 2BigFeet
  • Steve Smith GitHub @orderedlist Founder of Ordered List, Designer at GitHub
  • Mick Winters @mickwinters UX Designer, Information Architect, E-commerce leader
  • Julie Taylor @juliemtaylor UX Centered Web Designer / OCD Front End Web Developer
  • Bella Martin @kbellamartin Co-author of Universal Methods of Design
  • Kat Cole @KatColeATL President of Cinnabon, Inc
  • Colleen Jones @leenjones Principal of Content Science, Author of Clout
  • Jason Seiden @Seiden Author of How to Self Destruct and CEO of Ajax Social Media
  • Juan Fernando Santos @jsotnas1 Chief Creative Officer, Studiocom

1 session

31 known attendees

  • unmatchedstyle
  • Gene Crawford
  • Vince Veselosky
  • Karl Hudson Phillips
  • Jared Ponchot
  • Jason Elgin
  • Patrick Haney
  • Christina Warren
  • Tim Farley
  • Jesse Heady
  • Jon Friskics
  • Snook
  • WordPress Charleston
  • Divya Manian
  • Moses Ngone
  • Wesley Hales
  • Carl Smith
  • Willie Jackson
  • Sanjay Parekh
  • Brandon Eley
  • Jim Caruso
  • Steve Smith
  • Mick Winters
  • J. Taylor
  • Bella Martin
  • Kat Cole
  • Brad Iroff
  • Colleen Jones
  • Atlanta Web Design
  • Jason Seiden
  • Juan Fernando Santos

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  • Adam Clark
  • Matthew Oliphant
  • Deborah Edwards-Onoro
  • Mary Beth Faccioli
  • Alexandre Morgaut
  • Alessandro Raffa
  • Beaman
  • Ben Callahan
  • Maurice Williams

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