Call for speakers

webdu 2012

Help us build a better internet!

Content Suggestions:
* Beyond HTML: HTML5, jQuery mobile, Sencha Touch, video transcoding & streaming, Adobe AIR (JS or Actionscript), interactive TV, YQL, performance, CDNs, Android, Windows Mobile, mashable APIs, node.js and more
* Experience: web design, inclusive design, progressive enhancements, usability, information architecture, content strategies, and beautiful UI in all it's forms.
* Team: agile methodologies, client wrangling, versioning, requirements gathering, time tracking, issue management, developer morale and productivity.

Technology Focus

Whilst webdu 2012 tracks suggest a much more technology agnostic line up this year, don't be afraid to put forward a session on a specific software platform or service.

However, it is crucial that sessions do not amount to a product pitch. Webdu sessions are about inspiring delegates to go further with the skills they have, without being required to buy into a commercial platform.

This call is now closed. You can find more information here.

  • Closed on: 8th January 2012
  • Notification date: 15th January 2012