Web.NET European Conference 2012

The first European Conference dedicated only to the future of web development on .NET (and also other technologies)

20 October 2012 from 9am

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This is the first European Conference dedicated only to the future of web development on .NET (and with a bit of comparison to see what the other technologies are doing).

Every month brings its share of excitement in web development. The web development of future will move away from all the enterprisey features that used to rule the world of development in the past years, and will go to a more light-weight and simple approach.

The web development of the future will be based on three pillars:

On one side, web applications will be built with a light-weight server-side backend, mainly consisting web API and few pages, and lot of client-side JS development.
On the other side, websites will be implemented on top of existing CMSs.
And both approaches will have to exploit the cloud to reach high-availability and scalability.
In this conference we want to show the foundations of the pillars: so if you want to know more about advanced JavaScript libraries, light-weight http servers and frameworks, .NET CMSes, Cloud, block the 20 October in your agenda.

There will be 5 tracks (JavaScript, .NET server-side frameworks, non .NET server-side frameworks, CMSes, Cloud) for a total of 19 talks of 1 hour, and when the conference closes the hackathon will start: you'll be able to sit with other like-minded people and build something cool with these technologies.

24 speakers

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Avanade SpA

Italy Italy / Milan

via Roberto Lepetit 8/10, 20124

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31 known attendees

  • Paolo Laurenti
  • Kris van der Mast
  • Simone Chiaretta
  • Christian Horsdal
  • Maarten Balliauw
  • Fabio Bonacina
  • Thijs Kramer
  • Sandro Paganotti
  • Rui Carvalho
  • Christian Sanz
  • Alessandro Giorgetti
  • Jakob Mattsson
  • Yuri Valentini
  • Chris Massey
  • Ugo Lattanzi
  • ayende
  • Sebastian Golasch
  • Enzo Ferrara Martini
  • simone accoroni
  • Fabio Franzini
  • Fabrizio Iezzoni
  • M_a_s_s_i
  • childotg
  • Raffaele Rialdi
  • Robert Mühsig
  • Niels Hartvig
  • Jef Claes
  • Strap
  • Roberto Messora
  • Maurizio Tammacco
  • Emanuele DelBono

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  • Ralf Schoch
  • Stefano Sergio

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