Sessions at Webstock 2012 with notes and sketch notes on Thursday 16th February

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  • Of Time and the Network

    by Jeremy Keith

    Our perception and measurement of time has changed as our civilisation has evolved. That change has been driven by networks, from trade routes to the internet. Now that we have the real-time web allowing instantaneous global communication, there's a danger that we may neglect our legacy for the future. While the web has democratised publishing, allowing anyone to share ideas with a global audience, it doesn’t appear to be the best medium for preserving our cultural resources: websites and documents disappear down the digital memory hole every day. But we can change that. This presentation will offer an alternative history of technology and a fresh perspective on the future that is ours to save.

    At 9:50am to 10:30am, Thursday 16th February

    In Main auditorium, Wellington Town Hall

  • Lessons from a 40 year old

    by Matt Haughey

    Matt will cover a bunch of lessons he’s learned in the past decade of life as he embarks on turning 40. They eschew much of the Techcrunch/ReadWriteWeb/Mashable world by focusing on taking a longer term view of your work and focusing on life/work balance and having a happy life as well as a fulfilling career.

    At 2:50pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 16th February

    In Main auditorium, Wellington Town Hall