Sessions at WebVisions Portland 2012 about Behaviour design on Thursday 17th May

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  • Applying Behavior Design

    by Chris Risdon

    More and more products and services are designed around motivating users and incentivizing change. Products and services in finance, health and the environment, among other areas, are increasingly designed around influencing behavior. Some are doing this better than others. There are useful academic models and patterns for applying persuasion techniques. However, these techniques tend to stand alone, separate from our proven methods and processes for designing for good user experiences.

    This session will illustrate how academically derived techniques and persuasive design patterns are integrated in digital products and services. While understanding how powerful behavior design can influence people to be better, we will also discuss and illustrate tactically how we design these products and services so that they serve the interest of customers, as well as meet business needs.

    As designers, the choices we make invariably influence users, and now we are harnessing what we know about designing around behavior to produce products and services that have a positive social impact on people's lives. It's time to move beyond just the concepts and theories and understand how to apply behavior design tactics responsibly.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Thursday 17th May

    In D136, Oregon Convention Center

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