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Friday 18th May 2012

  • Too Long: Didn't Read

    by Scott Cowley

    The proliferation of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram and the emphasis on visuals by existing networks like Tumblr, Google Plus, and Reddit mark a continuous shift in content demand by the web. Learn the latest in what businesses are doing to hitch their brands to the visual trends (new content creation approaches, graphic seeding, visual influencer relationship management) and how much of it is actually working.

    Attendees of the session will learn:

    • Recent trends and transformations in the visual content space (and indications of where things are going)
    • How the gap between promotion of visual content and traditional content continues to widen
    • Distinctions and nuances between visual bookmarking platforms like Pinterest, Gentlemint, and Gimme Bar
    • Why some tactics in visual content marketing that worked two years ago don't anymore
    • Tactics companies are using successfully to market products and services on visual platforms
    • How to create a visionary visual content strategy as a company or individual

    At 10:15am to 11:00am, Friday 18th May

    In D133, Oregon Convention Center

    Coverage slide deck

  • Pick me, Pick me! How Design Can Help Curators Find Your Content

    by Kit Seeborg

    The most powerful form of recognition on the Web is having your content selected to display on curated websites. Unlike the museums of the analog world, these online properties provide the jumping off point for high-volume sharing, re-publication, and appreciation from a larger audience than you or your business could ever reach alone.

    Even if you are designing, writing, or recording high-quality digital artifacts, they still need to catch the curator’s eye. We’ll examine what goes through a Web curator’s mind in the few seconds your content is under review. And share seven design tips that will help your content rise to the top.

    At 1:40pm to 1:50pm, Friday 18th May

    In Main, Oregon Convention Center

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