Sessions at WebVisions Portland 2012 about Social Networks

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Thursday 17th May 2012

  • Re-imaging the World through Social Innovation and Social Networks

    by Miquel Guri and Alessandro Madeddu

    If we introduce a single bacterium to a test tube of food it will divide in one minute. In 2 minutes there will be four, in 3 mins 8 and in 5 mins 32. If we say the tube will be full in 60 mins, and the food will be all gone - when will it be half full? Answer 59 mins. How many bacteria will there be at 61 mins? Answer - none alive.

    If you ask scientists who understand this planet what minute we are in with regards to this example they will say; ‘the 59th minute’. Social and creative innovation can be used to stop the clock right now. We cannot say the world of the future will be better for our children because we do not know it will even be there.

    The internet and social networks are key tools in making this change possible. When will you wake up and take part?

    At 11:15am to 12:00pm, Thursday 17th May

    In D137/138, Oregon Convention Center