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  • Measures of Success: How to Quantitatively Measure Your User Experience

    by Richard Dalton

    How do you know if the user experience your team is slaving over is succeeding or failing? How can your team use data to make better decisions? Quantitative measures can help answer these questions and can complement more traditional qualitative research methods like usability testing.

    Like many things in life, quantitative measurement relies on good preparation. To effectively measure a user experience it must be divided into discrete pieces that can be measured against their objectives. In this presentation Richard will provide a framework for thinking about measurement along with techniques and tips.

    He will describe in detail how to create a Capability Strategy Sheet that defines the goals and measures of an experience (along with a complete example based on a fictional pet store website). He will also share some common measurement patterns that have emerged from his team’s work.
    To conclude, he will describe some of the cultural and change management challenges involved when an organization uses data to inform design decisions.

    At 3:30pm to 4:15pm, Thursday 17th May

    In D136, Oregon Convention Center

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