2012 USENIX Women in Advanced Computing Summit (WiAC '12)

Part of 2012 USENIX Federated Conferences Week

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11 speakers

  • Leslie K. Lambert Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, Juniper Networks
  • Sherry Moore Software Engineer, Google
  • Nicole Forsgren Velasquez Utah State University
  • Carolyn Rowland National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Margo Seltzer Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Sabrina Farmer Site Reliabiity Engineer, Google Inc.
  • Jennifer Ash-Poole AdNet Systems/NASA GSFC

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  • Cat Allman
  • Jessica McKellar
  • Clea
  • Emily Gladstone Cole
  • USENIX Association

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  • Adrian Fita
  • Alex Miller

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