Women in Secularism

Feminism and secularism

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17 speakers

  • Wafa Sultan Author and human rights activist
  • Melody Hensley @MelodyHensley Executive director of CFI–Washington, DC
  • Debbie Goddard @DebGod Activist and organizer, director of CFI On Campus and African Americans for Humanism
  • Jamila Bey @jbey Author, editor, and journalist
  • Greta Christina @GretaChristina Writer and blogger, Greta Christina’s Blog
  • Edwina Rogers @edwinarogers Edwina Rogers joined the Secular Coalition for America as the Executive Director in May 2012.
  • Rebecca Watson @rebeccawatson Co-host of Skeptics Guide to the Universe and creator of skepchick.org
  • Jennifer McCreight @jennifurret Blogger at BlagHag
  • Susan Jacoby Journalist and author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism
  • Jennifer Michael Hecht @freudeinstein Teacher, poet, and author of Doubt: A History
  • Annie Laurie Gaylor @algaylor Author, radio host, and co-founder of Freedom From Religion Foundation
  • Ophelia Benson @OpheliaBenson Author, editor, and commentator, Butterflies & Wheels

Coverage of Women in Secularism

8 sessions

16 known attendees

  • Sikivu Hutchinson
  • Brian Engler
  • Melody Hensley
  • Debbie Goddard
  • Paul Fidalgo
  • Jamila Bey
  • Greta Christina
  • Edwina Rogers
  • Rebecca the Undead
  • Jennifer McCreight
  • Jennifer Hecht
  • Annie Laurie Gaylor
  • Ophelia Benson
  • Lauren Becker
  • margaret downey
  • Robin Elisabeth Cornwell

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  • Tim Farley
  • Christine Riley

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