Sessions at WordCamp Birmingham 2012 on Sunday 15th January

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  • Responsive Web Design

    by Dan Gavin

    How to become responsive. We will go over the various methods & styles used to make your site responsive. We will discuss CSS media queries, FitText.js, FitVid.js and responsive slideshows.

    At 12:50pm to 2:20pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

  • Running Your Freelance Business: a workshop

    by Kelly Housholder

    Freelancing allows you to create your own hours, work at home in sweat pants, work from a cabin in the mountains, work anywhere you’d like! Freelancing lets you do things your own way, when you like it and how you like it. The market is wide open for web developers – especially WordPress. So what’s holding you back?

    In this freelancing workshop, I’ll touch on taxes, becoming an LLC, budgeting time and money, proposals and contracts, managing projects, obtaining work, and hiring other freelancers. I’ll also touch on the key to success in freelancing – managing clients.

    Since this is a workshop, I’ll bring some example proposals and contracts, project scopes and contacts for local resources to help you with your own taxes and legal questions. I’d love for you to bring anything you’d like to discuss or ask questions about – your own proposals, portfolio website, company descriptions, sticky client situation and questions about your own freelance career. If I can’t answer your question, I’ll point you in the direction of someone who can!

    At 12:50pm to 3:10pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

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  • There’s A Plugin For That

    by Marna Friedman

    Exploring the WordPress repository for the right plugin can be frustrating and exhausting. And then once you find a WordPress plug-in, you might find that it’s outdated, conflicts with other WordPress plugins, or just plain doesn’t do what you thought it would. Understanding what a plugin can do and how it can expand the functionality of your site helps you to explore the possibilities and push your site further. Test the boundaries to see what’s possible and then venture forth in your quest for just the right fit.

    At 12:50pm to 1:30pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

  • Stop creating content for the sake of creating content

    by George Ortiz

    Description: 14% of the web uses WordPress. That’s 70+ million blogs delivering content to users, who in turn are responding with even more content. All of this content, or data, is going untapped as we stumble around and keep asking the same questions:

    What makes a great WordPress theme?
    What makes a great blog post?
    How is WordPress being used?

    When I attended WordCamp SF, these questions came up and I noticed a pain in pulling these answers out in an easy way. Fast forward 3 months and came PressTrends, a simple way for developers, designers, and WordPress users to gather trends and insights.

    The goal of the talk is to bring into the light the amount of data being produced, how to get this data, and finally how this data can be valuable to building better themes and producing better content.

    At 1:40pm to 2:20pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

  • WorryProof WordPress: Backup Strategies for your Web Site

    by Nathan Ingram

    It’s a dangerous Internet out there, and your WordPress site needs a reliable backup. In this talk, we will discuss why a backup is so important, the 5 musts of a solid backup strategy, a comparison of free and premium backup plugins, and 2 bonus backup tips.

    At 2:30pm to 3:10pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

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  • How to Make Great Tutorial WordPress Videos

    by Steve Burge

    This presentation will show people how to make great videos. The target audience will be web designers training their customers or product sellers (plugins, templates, hosting) who need to explain and document their work.

    In the presentation we’ll cover:

    1) The tools to create clear, understandable videos (microphones, editing tools)
    2) The strategies needed for great video content (get the right length, scripts etc)
    3) How to present the videos effectively (best video hosting, sharing)
    4) A couple of sneaky, advanced tips such as how to do white-screen work

    At 3:20pm to 4:00pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

  • Scan it! Incorporating QR codes into WordPress

    by Stephanie True Moss

    Move over social media, making room for QR Codes in your WordPress site enables quick scanning of key topics and features. It can be as easy as a vCard, a coupon, link to an event, or something else. Understand the do’s and don’ts in using QR Codes to enhance the user experience on your website. Learn how to create QR Codes, use QR Code plugins and how others are already leveraging this new technology.

    At 3:20pm to 4:00pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

  • 3rd Party Plugin Integrations and Signup: Can we improve the user experience?

    by Carol Shepherd

    Companies with existing services are attracted to the WordPress plugin repository because of the exposure it offers to new eyes. In return, these companies build — on their dime — some really nifty plugins that integrate their API’s into the WordPress ecosystem.

    In this presentation will will example three case studies plugins currently in the the WordPress repository. We’ll look at their registration process and how the plugins integrate with the sponsoring company’s API. Analyzing their signup and integration process ,can we help these plugins improve the user experience?

    At 4:10pm to 4:50pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University

  • Using a Network Installation to Distribute Content to a Family of Sites

    by Bill Robbins

    Ever needed to send unique content to dozens of related sites? Would you like to skip the hassle of maintaining all those unique websites? Using WordPress’ network features you can use one WordPress installation to keep all your sites updated and full of fresh content. It’s easier than you think.

    At 4:10pm to 4:50pm, Sunday 15th January

    In Samford University