Sessions at WordCamp Phoenix 2012 about Content Strategy

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Friday 24th February 2012

Saturday 25th February 2012

  • SEM, WordPress and You

    by Jonathan Kressaty and Scott Yacko

    In this session we will discuss when and for what types of sites paid search is appropriate as well as the basics of setting up effective paid search campaigns. We will focus on:

    • Google Adwords versus Microsoft Adcenter
    • keyword research for paid search
    • writing effective ad copy
    • landing page content strategy
    • bidding and budgeting strategy

    In addition to driving paid search traffic, we will dive into the details of optimizing campaigns for return on investment. We will discuss setting up Google Analytics on WordPress sites as well as integrating with common commerce plugins. Through the insights that robust analytics provides, the site owner will learn to tweak elements of their paid search campaigns to drive more conversions at a lower cost and maximize their marketing online budget.

    At 2:15pm to 3:00pm, Saturday 25th February