Work at a Startup 2012

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15 May 2012 from 6pm to 7:30pm

If you're like a lot of programmers you may have considered one day joining a startup. But the prospect probably seems a bit mystifying. Most people know what the deal is with working for a big company. What's the deal with working for a startup?

Work at a Startup is a special evening event designed to explain that. How can you tell whether a startup would be good to work for? How much salary and equity should you expect from startups at different stages? What's the work like at different types of startups? Are there any danger signs you should watch for? We'll answer all these types of questions.

We'll begin with a presentation that explains in general what you need to know about working for a startup. Then we'll have series of rapid-fire presentations by YC-funded companies currently looking to hire programmers, explaining what it would be like to work for them specifically. After the event we'll have a barbeque where you can talk one on one with the founders of any company that interested you.

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Y Combinator

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320 Pioneer Way, Mountain View, California, 94041

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