Sessions at WebSphere MQ Administration about WebSphere MQ HTTP Bridge on Thursday 7th June

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  • How the WebSphere MQ family is going to change the world

    by T.Rob

    Take a deep dive into a smaller set of products focusing on how the WebSphere MQ family is changing and how these new capabilities have the potential to revolutionize messaging! The discussion in this session will include:

    *How virtualization brings messaging to the masses
    *Why the “zero-client footprint” of the WebSphere MQ HTTP Bridge is a game changer
    *How WebSphere MQ Telemetry opens up messaging for embedded systems and devices and what that means for the future

    At 8:30am to 10:45am, Thursday 7th June

  • MQ without wires: How to leverage WebSphere MQ Telemetry for ubiquitous access to your data

    by Avram (AJ) Aronoff

    How do you get your data from Point A to Point B? What if Point A is a desk top terminal and Point B is a server in the Cloud? WebSphere MQ has bridges communication between applications written in different languages (C, Java, COBOL), on different operating systems (Unix, Windows, z/OS), using different character sets (ASCII, EBCDIC). That was only the beginning. Now MQ is being used to connect to mobile devices, to servers in the Cloud, and through Web browsers via WebSphere MQ Telemetry. This presentation will describe:

    *Connecting to the “Internet of Things” to link MQ to any device
    *Automatically connecting to new servers in the Cloud (MQ clusters or a new lookup exit that retrieves connection information from an LDAP)
    *Connecting through Web browsers using the WebSphere MQ Bridge for HTTP
    *The latest on MQ and WebSockets

    At 2:30pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 7th June