Sessions at WebSphere MQ Administration about WebSphere MQ clustering and WebSphere MQ

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Wednesday 6th June 2012

  • An introduction to HA clusters on distributed platforms

    by Rick Christian

    Regardless of the size or complexity of your IT infrastructure, the requirement for 24 x 7 access to your mission critical messages can mean the difference between a thriving business or going out of business. Examine your options for Highly Available (HA) messaging solutions for distributed architectures. Get an introduction to HA cluster concepts followed by an example of setting up an HA MQ cluster using the Microsoft Cluster Server. The discussion in this session will include:

    HA cluster vs. MQ cluster
    HA cluster components
    HA cluster topology
    HA MQ cluster with Microsoft Cluster Server

    At 3:15pm to 4:45pm, Wednesday 6th June

  • HA WebSphere MQ clusters on z/OS

    by Rick Christian

    If you are unable to access your crucial business messages, then your business may be losing income. This session examines Highly Available (HA) messaging for the z/OS platform. In this session, you will learn how WebSphere MQ Queue Sharing Groups exploit the z/OS operating system’s Parallel Sysplex with the Coupling Facility to provide your organization the highest level of availability for your mission critical messages. The discussion in this session will include:

    Shared queues
    Queue sharing groups
    Coupling Facility structures
    Message persistence
    Inbound channels
    Outbound channels
    CICS support for QSG
    DB2 database interface
    Intra-group queuing
    Benefits of QSG

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Wednesday 6th June