360|Stack 2013

4 7 August 2013

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34 speakers

  • Joseph Labrecque @JosephLabrecque
  • Drew Shefman @dshefman
  • Brent Arnold @iBrent Some call him a Genius. Others call him P.H.A.T. Whatever you call him, don’t call him late for dinner.
  • Simeon Bateman @simBateman
  • Ben Bishop @benjamminstl Ben Bishop has been a professional interactive developer for the past 10 years. He has had the luxury and good fortune of working with some of the greatest mind
  • Amy Blankenship @AmyBlankenship Amy has followed the “path of the Unicorn.”
  • Drew Bourne @drewbourne
  • Garth Braithwaite @GarthDB Garth Braithwaite is a Senior Experience Designer at Adobe Systems working on improving developer tools. Riddled with fanboy tendencies.
  • Jonathan Campos @jonbcampos Jonathan Campos builds applications for enterprise clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region. Focusing on mobile applications built on a variety technologies.
  • Julian Dolce @juliandolce Julian Dolce is the platform lead for Adobe AIR at QNX Software Systems, where his roles include developing the BlackBerry 10 AIR SDK.
  • Renaun Erickson @renaun Renaun Erikson is an Adobe Evangelist: Gaming, Devices, & Web. Using Flash, AIR, and HTML5.
  • Jason Hanson @jayfour000 Jason Hanson brings over twelve years of design and development experience to the work he does as an independent contractor.
  • Alex Harui @aharui Alex Harui is an employee at Adobe Systems, Inc., and one of the original developers of the Flex SDK.
  • David Hassoun @hotkeys
  • Jun Heider @coderjun
  • Joel Hooks @jhooks

3 sessions

Day 1 Sunday 4th August 2013

Day 2 Monday 5th August 2013

Day 3 Tuesday 6th August 2013

Day 4 Wednesday 7th August 2013

36 known attendees

  • Nicole Wilker
  • Joseph Labrecque
  • Drew Shefman
  • Brent Arnold
  • Simeon Bateman
  • Ben Bishop
  • John Wilker
  • Amy Blankenship
  • Drew Bourne
  • Garth Braithwaite
  • Jonathan Campos
  • Julian Dolce
  • Renaun Erickson
  • Jason Hanson
  • Alex Harui
  • David Hassoun
  • Jun Heider
  • Joel Hooks
  • Jeffry Houser
  • Kevin Hoyt
  • Jonathan Knapp
  • Michael Labriola
  • Benoit Marchant
  • Justin Mclean
  • Giorgio Natili
  • Julia O.
  • Ted Patrick
  • Adrian Pomilio
  • Gert Poppe
  • Paul Robertson
  • Mollie Rusher
  • Rob Rusher
  • Ryan Stewart
  • jeff tapper
  • Paul Taylor
  • Michelle Yaiser

4 people tracking this event

  • Bryan Hadro
  • Stefano Guglielmi
  • SearchMktgPro
  • Las Vegas Douchebags

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