Atheist Alliance of America National Convention

The "Shout" Heard 'Round The World

30 August 2 September 2013

A full weekend of speakers, exhibitors, special events, fine food and spectacular comradery with like minded people. A true Family Friendly Event. Camp Quest for ages 7-15, Teen "hang out" room, baby sitting. Historic tour and picnic. Visit for full details, deep discounts on accomodations and ground transportation and ticketing.

23 speakers

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31 sessions

Registration, Welcome Reception Day 1 from 5pm to 9pm Friday 30th August 2013

Speakers, Comedy Night Day 2 from 9am to 11pm Saturday 31st August 2013

Speakers, Award Banquet Day 3 from 9am to 10pm Sunday 1st September 2013

Historic Tour, Picnic Day 4 from 9am to 2pm Monday 2nd September 2013

24 known attendees

  • Felicity Kusinitz
  • LarianLeQuella
  • Atheist Alliance Int
  • Alexa Blumenstock
  • Steven Pinker
  • The Thinking Atheist
  • Ed Buckner
  • Greg Epstein
  • Maryam Namazie
  • David Niose
  • Edwina Rogers
  • Shelley Segal
  • Mary Ellen Sikes
  • CJ Werleman
  • Aron Ra
  • Johnny Monsarrat
  • Neil Wehneman
  • Paula Apsell
  • BrotherRichard
  • Robin Elisabeth Cornwell
  • Ellery Schempp
  • Guillermo Paz-y-Mino-C
  • Rebecca Vitsmun
  • Andy Thomson

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  • Noah Wiles
  • Tim Farley

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