Agile Cambridge 2013

The UK's practical Agile & Lean Software Development event

25 27 September 2013

Now in its 4th year, Agile Cambridge has developed a reputation as the event to be at for UK agile software development practitioners.

The event has a strong practical focus on experience sharing, hands-on activity and learning-by-doing as well as providing plenty of opportunity for unscheduled sessions, hallway chats and fun.

This years keynotes are Michael Feathers, Janet Gregory and Chris Matts.

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Schedule now available, more speakers to be announced.

43 speakers

  • Janet Gregory @janetgregoryca Agile Cambridge keynote speaker. Co-author of 'Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams'
  • Michael Feathers @mfeathers Agile Cambridge keynote speaker. Author of 'Working Effectively with Legacy Code'.
  • Chris Matts @PapaChrisMatts Agile Cambridge keynote speaker. Co-author of 'Commitment'.
  • Roman Pichler @romanpichler Lean & agile product management expert. Helps companies create innovative products; consultant; trainer; book author; speaker.
  • Chris George @chrisg0911 Head of Test Engineering, Red Gate Software. Tester and proud!
  • Sallyann Freudenberg @SalFreudenberg Agile coach and practitioner, pair programming researcher, scuba diver, mom
  • Paul Bratcher @PaulBratcher Agile Transformationist, Geek, DJ, Photographer and Musician
  • Chris Oldwood @chrisoldwood Freelance C++/C#/Windows Software Developer, ACCU member, Father of 4, Swimmer, Godmanchester Duck Race Commentator
  • Paul Grenyer @pjgrenyer Husband, father, software consultant, author, testing and agile evangelist. Heavy metal, sci-fi and F1 fan. Co-founder @NorfolkDev. Director @nakedelement.
  • Scott Aucoin @HawkingsMentor Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and a fan of lounging.
  • Graham D Oakes @GrahamDOakes Graham Oakes helps people untangle complex technology, processes, governance and relationships.
  • Jon Terry @leankitjon Lean learner, Kanban believer, Agile enthusiast, project manager, Scrum master, husband, father, wanderer, observer & supporter of 'Rise of the Rest'
  • Darci Dutcher @DarciD Agile UXer, ex-pat, rock-climber, traveler, music stuff do-er. Miscellaneous other topics.
  • Tomasz Borowski @TomaszBorowski Developer @
  • Amy Phillips @ItJustBroke I like running, growing things, and testing things
  • Chris Smith @cj_smithy
  • Alexandru Bolboaca @alexboly Tinkerer. Seeker of interesting questions and good answers. Also: Programmer, Code retreat facilitator, Trainer, Speaker. Agile and software craftsmanship.
  • Marc Evers @marcevers Independent coach, trainer and consultant in the field of (agile) software development and software processes
  • Willem van den Ende @mostalive Independent software developer, freestyle consultant, trainer and coach
  • Duncan McGregor @duncanmcg Saving the Universe, one card at a time.
  • Robert Chatley @rchatley Software Engineer/Consultant at Develogical. Lecturer at Imperial and Oxford.
  • Luke Morgan @agilemuze Head of Engineering, IBM Cambridge
  • Rob Westgeest @westghost Developer - Software Development Coach, Father of three daughters and proud to be Christina's Husband
  • Marcin Floryan @mfloryan The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. Agile software developer, researching Value, Flow and Quality @emergn

Coverage of Agile Cambridge 2013

42 sessions

Day 1 Wednesday 25th September 2013

Day 2 Thursday 26th September 2013

Day 3 Friday 27th September 2013

57 known attendees

  • Simon Cromarty
  • David Hart
  • Jeff Foster
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Cara Hanman
  • Alexandru Bolboaca
  • Mat
  • J &C Pelinescu
  • Jonathon_Wright
  • David Legge
  • Eric Lagel
  • Nikolay Sturm
  • Agile Cambridge
  • Rhona Maclean
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Ben Adderson
  • Ryan Haney
  • janetgregoryca
  • Michael Feathers
  • Chris Matts
  • Roman Pichler
  • Chris George
  • Sallyann Freudenberg
  • Paul Bratcher
  • Chris Oldwood
  • Paul Grenyer
  • Scott Aucoin
  • Graham D Oakes
  • Jon Terry
  • Darci D
  • Tomasz Borowski
  • Amy Phillips
  • Chris Smith
  • Alexandru Bolboaca
  • Marc Evers
  • Willem van den Ende
  • Duncan McGregor
  • Robert Chatley
  • luke morgan
  • westghost

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  • Jay Greasley
  • Darwin Peltan
  • Muharem Hrnjadovic
  • Sandro Mancuso
  • Mark Cheverton
  • Agnieszka Figiel
  • Adrian Silva
  • John Stevenson
  • Francesco Degrassi
  • Dominic Smith
  • Leonardo R. O.
  • Derrick Ko
  • Mark Keating
  • Ross Lawley
  • Phil Rodgers
  • Rob Booth
  • Daniel Vaughan
  • Anthony Green
  • Basel Farah
  • Freek Leemhuis
  • Richard Hare
  • Schalk Cronjé
  • Sandeep Tailor
  • gillian smith
  • Kev McCabe™
  • Simon R Jones
  • Pete Hamilton
  • matocnhoi
  • Steven Shaw
  • Andy Field
  • Carl Larson
  • Phil Wolff
  • Ewan Milne
  • Hope Thomas
  • David Bonilla
  • Rafi Ghazarian
  • Nik Newark
  • Stephan Strittmatter
  • Giuseppe De Simone
  • Mike Burrows

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