A session at Uncle Bob's Clean Code: Agile Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code:

-There Will Be Code
-Bad Code
-The Total Cost of Owning a Mess
-The Grand Redesign in the Sky
-What is Clean Code?
-A review of expert opinions.
-Schools of Thought
-The Boy Scout Rule

Meaningful Names:

-Use Intention Revealing Names
-Avoid Disinformation
-Make Meaningful Distinctions
-Use Pronounceable Names
-Use Searchable Names
-Avoid Encodings
-Avoid Mental Mapping
-Class Names
-Method Names
-Don’t be Cute
-One Word per Concept
-No Puns
-Solution Domain Names
-Problem Domain Names


-Do One Thing.
-One Level of Abstraction
-Switch Statements
-Function Names (again).
-Arguments and Parameters
-Side Effects
-Command Query Separation
-DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself.

Structured Programming:

-Why and When to Write Comments
-Explain Yourself in Code
-Good Comments
-Bad Comments
-The Purpose of Formatting
-Vertical Formatting
-The Newspaper Metaphor
-Horizontal Formatting

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Uncle Bob Martin

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