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Greg Jordan

programmer, usability hunter, potential lunch winner - love graph databases. I SAID LOVE THEM

Scott Savage

Director, Software Development bio from LinkedIn

Ryan Hennig

Big Data Engineer and Entrepreneur bio from LinkedIn

Lindsey Thorne

"Big Data" Senior Technical Recruiter at Greythorn bio from LinkedIn

Steve Gill

PhoneGap Champ, Taekwondo Blackbelt, Canucks & Beer Lover living in SF bio from Twitter

Julien Gonçalves

Research and Development, Reportlinker.com bio from LinkedIn

Ben O'Day

Apache Camel Committer and IT Consultant

Deb Bryant

Open Source & Standards at Red Hat; community champion, civic advocate open government open data, cross-industry cross-culture ambassador.

Joe Bowser

Known for #PhoneGap #Cordova #Android dev, playing with embedded hardware and co-creating a hacker space. Tweets are my own, not my employer. bio from Twitter

James Peach

Siri Operations Engineer at Apple bio from LinkedIn

Andika Daud

TBD bio from Twitter

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Asanka Abeysinghe

* Enterprise Architect * Technology Evangelist * Vice President of Solutions Architecture at WSO2, Inc.

Ate Douma

Apache committer and R&D Platform Architect at Hippo B.V.


I will be giving a talk on Apache OpenOffice on Wed., Feb 27 at 16:15 hrs. Come and find out what a huge project this is, and how it is very different from other Apache project. :)

Ross Gardler

Dad. British ex-pat. Doing business with open source (the Apache Way for me). Microsoft employee (but these are my opinions) bio from Twitter

Lewis John McGibbney

PostDoc @Stanford University bio from LinkedIn

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Erik Hatcher
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Aaron Morton

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant at http://TheLastPickle.com Apache Cassandra Committer, DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra bio from Twitter

J. Lance Wilkinson

System Design Specialist -- Lead @ Penn State University / Digital Library Technologies / Information Technology Services

I'm a USER of Apache HTTPD and several other projects (e.g., Sling, TIKA, Lucene) by virtue of their being used by products I deal with, like Adobe's CQ [or whatever it's now called].

While I am a developer (C, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, shells and COBOL are a few environments where I lurk), that development hasn't yet been intended to contribute software to the community. At present, I don't feel competent to do that (although years ago I did enhance a module for local needs).

But I've always felt the more I know about an ecosystem, the better equipped I am to use it to the benefit of my users. I also feel that not being a *contributor* gives me a valuable viewpoint and those who are contributors are welcome to take advantage of that viewpoint and my experiences AS a USER.

And ApacheCon has always been a fun, welcoming event!

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Mark R. Hinkle

Open Source,Cloud Computing, DevOps, Systems Management ,Tech Junkie, Director of Cloud Computing Community at Citrix. Blog www.socializedsoftware.com.

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Aaron Coburn
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Joshua Marantz

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