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  • Openness and the 21st Century University

    by Marilyn McMillan

    Join us as Marilyn McMillan of New York University talks about 'Openness in the 21st Century University.

    At 9:00am to 9:45am, Tuesday 4th June

    In Crystal Ballroom, The Westin San Diego

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  • TWSIA Winner: Learning Tools Designed and Built by Students, for Students

    by Alan Berg and Dr. Hans Dekkers

    In January, 60 second and third year computer science students from the Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica (FNWI) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) created Educational tools. They worked full time for a month on a graded exercise building learning tools which appear inside Sakai CLE and other Learning Management Systems (LMS). The tool built was social, applied to teaching in local Lectures halls.

    Aspiration: The exercise lays the foundation for researchers and practitioners that will later innovate.

    The two overriding innovations were:
    1) Cut the middleman out. Students designing tools that students need, giving room to unexpected ideas.
    2) Students are immersed in the vibrant and purposeful Apereo community, focusing on software engineering and learning, opening doors to student projects at different international locations.

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Tuesday 4th June

    In Crystal II, The Westin San Diego

  • Internet2 Scalable Privacy project update

    by Mike Grady

    The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) initiative has a goal of advancing the "vision that individuals and organizations adopt secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable identity credentials to access online services in a way that promotes confidence, privacy, choice and innovation." The Internet2 Scalable Privacy Project (ScalePriv) has received funding from NSTIC to pursue several major thrusts around identity and privacy, including a focus on:

    • Promoting the adoption of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) across Higher Education institutions.
    • Attribute ecosystem development: Attribute registries, bundles and entity categories.
    • Citizen-Centric Schema.
    • Privacy Manager.
    • Anonymous Credentials.

    This session will provide an update on all of the activities happening within those project areas, and on the NSTIC effort in general. The presenter is helping to coordinate many of the project activities within the ScalePriv project.

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Tuesday 4th June

    In Pearl, The Westin San Diego

  • BOF: Save the endangered Sakai CLE Online Help

    by Neal Caidin

    Sakai CLE's online help feature needs help itself. It is technically complex to administer, is tied to one higher ed institution's knowledge base, is difficult for documentation specialists to keep up with, and does not leverage the knowledge of the crowd.

    If we, the community, do not take active steps to save it, Sakai's help tool's sustainability is in jeopardy. As it is, it is less than ideal for updating with changes, and managing translations.

    Please lend your voice to the conversation.

    Is Sakai CLE's online help tool still needed?
    What are the needs at your institution?
    What are technical solutions for this problem and where do we find resources, people, to make the solution work?

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Tuesday 4th June

    In Gaslamp, The Westin San Diego

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  • Looking Back and Looking Forward: Twenty Years of Internationalization of Apereo Projects

    by Shoji Kajita and Benjamin Oshrin

    This panel session will envision the future of internationalization (I18n) of the Apereo Projects, in the context of the work accomplished over the last decade as Jasig and Sakai. To date, I18n activities have not been well coordinated across the Jasig and Sakai projects, and as a result it is harder for each project to leverage the best practices developed by the others.

    The merger of the Jasig and Sakai communities provides an opportunity to consolidate I18n resources and best practices into a common community of practice for cost-effective activities that promote the international adoption of Apereo software. This panel will invite representatives from various Jasig and Sakai projects to discuss the current state of I18n, and what needs to be done to construct a common I18n foundation for the Apereo Community.

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Tuesday 4th June

    In Pearl, The Westin San Diego

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