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  • Student Success Plan (SSP), What is it? Why should I care?

    by Russ Little

    High Level overview of the Student Success Plan (SSP), a status update on the project, and a chance to see the new 2.x features including the new Academic Advising tools (MAP). SSP is a thriving project, and moving ahead with new features, implementations and actively building community. We invite you to come learn more about how technology can support student success, retention and completion.

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Tuesday 4th June

    In Opal, The Westin San Diego

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  • BOF: Sakai Search Tool Performance Test

    by Zhen Qian

    Recently, there are many momentum involved with Search implementation inside Sakai Community. The legacy Lucene-based Sakai search was replaced with Elastic search in Sakai trunk, while Oxford implemented Solr-based search and has it running on their prod system for over a year.

    The search tool has been included in the UMich CTools build for at least 5 years. It is currently stealthed due to performance concerns. Given the emergence of search as a primary mode of user/software interaction, UMich need to determine the current scalability of the Search tool and invest time into test/fixing performance issues.

    We will conduct the performance test on the current Search tool, mainly with new Elastic Search implementation, and determine the scalability of the new embedded search (instead of dedicated search server) approach. The goal should be to make a Search tool widely available and out of stealthed status.

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Tuesday 4th June

    In Gaslamp, The Westin San Diego

    Coverage video note

  • The Portfolio Cycle: How We Use ePortfolios at Virginia Tech

    by Marc Zaldivar, Teggin Summers and Will Fox

    This session is geared toward people new to portfolios within the Sakai community, and it offers a general overview of how we use the Sakai Portfolio tools (often referred to as the Open Source Portfolio, or OSP, tools). At Virginia Tech we utilize the Matrices and Portfolio Templates tools to facilitate learning, assessment, and professional development, and it is through the use of the Sakai portfolio tools that we have been able to find the, often elusive, balance between those three areas. In this session, presenters will share a bit of our pedagogical philosophy, as well as examples of how faculty at our institution are using the Sakai portfolio tools for learning, assessment, and professional development.

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Tuesday 4th June

    In Crystal II, The Westin San Diego

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