Open Apereo 2013 Conference (Jasig & Sakai) speakers

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Aaron Zeckoski

Software Architect

Aaron Zeckoski is a software architect/engineer and open source software developer primarily specializing in e-learning web applications. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in the Sakai open source collaborative learning environment. His experience includes work in university teams, commercial teams, and as an independent consultant. An experienced systems architect, Aaron has demonstrated his programming expertise in all aspects of web application development; he is a major contributor to projects such as the Sakai CLE/OAE, DSpace repository, and Opencast Matterhorn. He is also experienced and interested in technical documentation, development of tools for programmers, and developer training. He is a member of open source developer communities like Sakai, Moodle, Opencast, and DSpace. Aaron is an active member of the Sakai CLE Team and Sakai 2 Technical Coordination Committee (TCC).

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Adam Hauerwas

Faculty Support & Int. Spec.

From the TI 99/4A to the latest iPhone, Adam Hauerwas has worked with many computer systems. For more than ten years he has worked at Providence College managing their public Windows lab computers and Learning Management Systems (ANGEL and Sakai), and thinks that most problems can be solved with a batch script. When he's not playing with computers he plays Words With Friends, he's a big fan of "Iron Chef" and "Chopped," and he enjoys cooking with his wife and two sons.

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Alain Mayeur

President of the ESUP-Portail Consortium

IT Director at the University of Valenciennes

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Alan Berg

Educational Consultant

Alan Berg Bsc. MSc. PGCE, works within the Innovation Work Group at the University of Amsterdam's Informatersingscentruim. He is currently interested in Learning Analytic's and generally getting stuff done. Alan has also been a lead developer at the Central Computer Services at the University of Amsterdam since 1998. He is also a member of the Technical Coordination Council, Sakai fellow and was once a Quality Assurance Director for Sakai.

In his spare time, he is a technical consultant, writes articles, book reviews and has authored three books, two of which were with the Sakai community, the third on Continuous Integration. Alan has a degree, two masters and a teaching qualification. In previous incarnations, he was a technical writer, an Internet/Linux course writer, and a science teacher. He likes to get his hands dirty with the building and gluing of systems. He remains agile by playing computer games with his sons who (sadly) consistently beat him physically, mentally and morally at least twice in any given day.

Examples of authoring efforts:

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Alan Regan

Director, Technology & Learning

Alan Regan is the Director of Technology and Learning at Pepperdine University. Working with a small but amazing team of colleagues, the goal of the Technology and Learning group is to promote the effective use of learning technologies at Pepperdine University. Alan's focus is on faculty outreach and partnership. He is passionate about helping faculty use technology effectively to meet their teaching and learning objectives. He regularly offers workshops and contributes to documentation projects. In the past, he's enjoyed teaching an undergraduate course on business computing, working in the film and video game industries, and traveling whenever time allows.

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Amber Marcu

Academic Technology Consultant

Amber D. Marcu came into her line of work 15+ years ago. Her specialty is in the "adoption of innovations and change management," but she's best known for her presentations of (and research into) Sakai and Pedagogical Transitions. She also has publications in distance education and educational psychology. Hailing from California State University, Chico, she combined her skills in computer science, customer service, and instruction to pursue German internships overseas. Upon her return to the states, she enjoyed opportunities with Nor-Cal institutions and non-profit organizations. After securing degrees in English (B.A.), Technical Writing (Certificate), and Instructional Design and Technology (M.S.), she was accepted to Virginia Tech's Doctoral program in Instructional Design and Technology. At the same time, she enjoyed full-time employment with the Learning Technologies group under Dr. John Moore at Virginia Tech (VT). She was instrumental in facilitating the successful transition from Blackboard to Scholar (Sakai) through the use of communication, training, and support structures founded upon research produced by Rogers (2005) and George, Hall, Hord, and Stiegelbauer (2006). In 2012, she joined rSmart and the Kuali community. She currently resides in Peoria, IL with her husband and two dogs.

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Andrea Schmidt

Quality Assurance Specialist

While completing her degree in Computer and Information Technology at IUPUI in 2009, Andrea Schmidt took a position as a part time quality assurance specialist for Oncourse, Indiana University's version of Sakai CLE. Gradually her duties were expanded and she now works full-time for University Information Technology Services (UITS) at IU. As the functional testing lead for Oncourse, her responsibilities include writing test cases, writing Selenium scripts, creating sample data for testing, coordinating the QA contributions of instructional technology consultants in the teaching centers, and contributing to the QA group in the Sakai Community.

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Andrew Petro

Software Developer, Identity and Access Management

Andrew Petro is a software developer at Unicon Inc. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Yale University in 2004, Andrew stayed on to serve his alma mater in the Technology & Planning group. Projects in which Andrew has been involved include theJasig Central Authentication Service, YaleInfo Portal (Yale's uPortal implementation), and the Jasig uPortal project. In 2006 Andrew joined Unicon and has filled several roles as a software developer, uPortal and CAS consultant, and technical lead for the Cooperative Support for CAS program. Andrew has served on the Jasig uPortal and CAS steering committees.

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Anthony Whyte

Program Manager

Anthony Whyte is a Program Manager working for both the Library and Information Technology Services at the University of Michigan. He currently serves as vice-chair of the Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee. Between 2005 and 2012 he was seconded to the Sakai Foundation, serving in a variety of roles in the service of the Sakai CLE Community.

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Anthony Colebourne

Senior IT Officer

Anthony is a Senior IT Officer at The University of Manchester with 12 years experience. Anthony has been an active member of Jasig since 2005. He successfully incubated the News Reader Portlet and has committed on several Jasig projects. Anthony is the technical lead on the MyManchester uPortal environment and has many portlets and upgrades to his name.

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Arie den Boon

Visiting Professor and Manager, Communication Science

Arie K. den Boon (Ph.D.) is visiting professor of the Graduate School of Communication of the University of Amsterdam. He coaches students writing their master theses and is initiator and program manager of the first MOOC of the UvA. Den Boon is cofounder of the incubator StartupPush (with Paul Eikelenboom), an initiative to train students and help them set up their own startup.

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Arlen Johnson

Senior Web Producer

Arlen Johnson is a Senior Web Producer for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He develops and supports enterprise web applications with emphasis on user interface design. He is the primary UI developer for Bedework, and sits on the Bedework Steering Committee.

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Arlo White

Software Engineer

Arlo has worked on the user interface and architecture of various web applications at CalPoly, including uPortal, a custom notifications service, Workflow framework, and a number of portlets. He is well versed in Java development, the Spring Framework, and web technologies - HTML/CSS and JavaScript development with the Dojo toolkit. His experience with all aspects of web development give him a well-rounded perspective on the user's experience and the developer's.

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Benito Gonzalez

EWA Manager

UC Merced has used CAS, uPortal and Sakai CLE since our first term in 2005. I have been the lead developer on all these services at some point and now manage all three services.

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Benjamin Oshrin


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Benjamin Royas

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ben Royas is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Claremont McKenna College. As an alumnus of the college (class of 2003) and a long time employee within the Instructional Technology and Client Services department, Ben has played a key role in implementing and supporting several recent technology grants and initiatives at the college including FITness, Mellon, and the Fletcher Jones Peer-to-Peer technology grant. He serves as the primary support and trainer for Sakai at CMC. He also supervises a team of student workers known as Instructional Technology Assistants (ITAs) who are responsible for digitizing faculty course materials and assisting with other specialized instructional technology projects as needed. Ben received his B.A. in History and Studio Art from Claremont McKenna College and he received his Master's Degree in Education with a Special Emphasis on Educational Technology from the University of LaVerne.

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Benn Oshrin

IAM Architect

Benn is a long-time contributor to the higher education IAM community, as specific campuses (Columbia and Rutgers, and now UC Berkeley) and through his efforts on many community development projects, from OpenRegistry, to Co-Manage, to the CIFER project. Benn has served as lead architect for the ID Match project at UC Berkeley.

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Bert Pareyn

UI Developer

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Beth Kirschner

Application Development Manager

Beth Kirschner has over twenty five years of experience in software development of online collaboration systems, grid computing, digital libraries, and industrial automation. She's been involved in the Sakai project since 2005 as both a developer and manager at the University of Michigan, with special interest in generalized solutions to local problems, using technology to augment but not impede academic teaching and learning, and internationalization. She has served as the chair of the Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee and been honored as a Sakai Fellow.

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Bill Thompson

IAM Practice Director

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Bill Yock

Director, Enterprise Information Services, University of Washington bio from LinkedIn

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Bledsoe, PsyD, Scott

Assistant Professor, Department of Graduate Psychology

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Branden Visser

Back-end Developer

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Brandon Powell

Java Developer

Brandon Powell is a student employee at Oakland University. He has his Associates Degree in Computer Science from Macomb Community College. Currently he is going for his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at Oakland University. He currently works on the Database Applications Team doing uPortal scripting and mobile development. Brandon was the lead designer and programmer of the native Android Application for Oakland University. His background is in C/C++, Java, and Python.

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Brooke Biltimier

Tier 3 Support Manager

Brooke Biltimier has worked at rSmart for over 7 years and has been involved with the Sakai CLE since 2005. She has played many different roles at rSmart, varying from software engineer, Tier 3 Support Engineer, Case Operations Manager and most recently Tier 3 Support Manager and rSmart Sakai Product Manager. She has worked in troubleshooting and solving application issues. Most recently, she has started to work with Mike DeSimone and Kenny Aragon to work on troubleshooting server-side issues.

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Bryan Holladay

Senior Developer

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Caroline Pers

Training and Support Specialist

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Charles Hasegawa

Software Engineer

Charles Hasegawa is a software engineer and open source software developer. He primarily works on e-learning web applications, most recently in the Sakai open source collaborative learning environment, where he is a contributor. He also has experience with technical/developer training, unit testing frameworks, documentation, and a developing interest in iOS (mobile) app development. ).

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Charles Hedrick

Director, Instructional and Research Technologies

Charles Hedrick is Director of Instructional and Research Technology and Chief Technology Officer at Rutgers University.

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Charles Severance