ASAE Technology Conference & Expo schedule

Wednesday 4th December 2013

  • Content Pathway Thought Leaders

    by Karen McGrane and Kristina Halvorson

    On Wednesday 4th December

  • The Mobile Content Mandate

    You don’t get to decide which device people use to go online: they do. By 2015, more people will access the internet via mobile devices than on traditional computers; in the US today, one-third of people who browse the internet on their mobile phone say that’s the only way they go online. It’s time to stop avoiding the issue by saying “no one will ever want to do that on mobile;” chances are, someone already wants to. In this session, Karen will discuss why you need to deliver content wherever your customer wants to consume it, and explain how to get started with your mobile content strategy—defining what you want to publish, what the relationship should be between your mobile and desktop site, and how your editorial workflow and content management tools need to evolve.

    On Wednesday 4th December

Thursday 5th December 2013

  • Going Mobile: No App Required

    by Jonathan Sullivan

    There's an app for that, but you don't have one. Does this mean that you're out of the mobile game? In this interactive session, come ready to explore alternative ways for going mobile, using one association's experience as a practical guide. Learn why having an app isn’t the only path to being relevant in the mobile space—while still supporting your organization’s vision, people, process and technology tools.

    At 1:45pm to 2:45pm, Thursday 5th December