[Async]: Real-time web with Server-Sent Events

22 August 2013 from 7:15pm to 9:30pm

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Full info: http://asyncjs.com/server-sent-e...

Server-Sent Events (AKA `EventSource`) is a light-weight, HTTP-compatible alternative to WebSockets.

In this talk you'll learn the simple API and protocol for pushing events from Node or PHP to web browsers. This is the key to building pages that automagically update in real time (notifications, chat, collaborative editing, news tickers, twitter stream, etc.)

Kornel Lesiński is a London-based web developer who participated in designing Server-Sent Events at WHATWG.

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  • Matijs Brinkhuis
  • Prem Rose
  • Kornel
  • Alastair Lockie
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