Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist 2013 Conference

Unity and Community

13 15 September 2013

Our goal is to promote and connect as many local and national groups as possible. We also hope to attract as many people as possible to the non-theist community by offering an exciting program where people can meet, socialize and exchange ideas. The theme of the conference is: "Unity and Community."

33 speakers

  • Seth Andrews @ThinkingAtheist The Thinking Atheist
  • Jamila Bey @jbey Journalist
  • Rob Boston @RobBoston1 Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Mark B. Cohen @StateRepCohenPA “Dean” of the Pennsylvania General Assembly
  • James Croft @JFLCroft Research and Education Fellow at the Humanist Community at Harvard
  • Jerry W. DeWitt @jerry_dewitt Recovering from Religion project; author of Hope after Faith
  • JT Eberhard @jteberhard Blogger at WWJTD
  • Fred Edwords management and PR consultant to the AHA while heading up the United Coalition of Reason
  • Steve Hill Comedian
  • George Hrab @GeorgeHrab Musician; host of Geologic podcast
  • AJ Johnson @HappiestAtheist vice president & co-founder of Be Secular
  • Amanda Knief @mzdameanor public policy and constitutional expert on religious freedom and civil liberties; author of The Citizen Lobbyist
  • Teresa Macbain @Teresamacbain Executive Director for the Humanists of Florida Association
  • Joe Nickell, Ph.D. @RealJoeNickell Senior Research Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
  • Edwina Rogers @edwinarogers Secular Coalition for America
  • Shelley Segal @ShelleySegal Singer / songwriter
  • David Silverman @MrAtheistPants American Atheists
  • Jamy Ian Swiss @jamyianswiss Magician; Senior Fellow of the James Randi Educational Foundation
  • Dr. Joe Wenke @JoeWenke author of You Got to Be Kidding! The Cultural Arsonist’s Satirical Reading of The Bible
  • Lauri Lebo @llebo Journalist; author of The Devil in Dover: An Insider’s Story of Dogma V. Darwin in Small-town America
  • Tracy Lockwood Tracy Lockwood spent her childhood living on the compounds of an isolated religious sect before finding freedom at age eighteen.
  • David Tamayo @DavidFromHafree President and Founder of the Hispanic American Freethinkers
  • Dave DeLuca @DaveDeLucaComic Comedian
  • Margaret Downey

Coverage of Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist 2013 Conference

31 sessions

Day 1 Friday 13th September 2013

Day 2 Saturday 14th September 2013

Day 3 Sunday 15th September 2013

30 known attendees

  • Justin Vacula
  • The Thinking Atheist
  • Jamila Bey
  • Rob Boston
  • Mark B. Cohen
  • James Croft
  • Jerry W. DeWitt
  • JT Eberhard
  • Fred Edwords
  • George Hrab
  • AJ Johnson
  • Amanda Knief
  • Teresa Macbain
  • Joe Nickell, Ph.D.
  • Edwina Rogers
  • Shelley Segal
  • David Silverman
  • Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Dr. Joe Wenke
  • Lauri Lebo
  • David Tamayo
  • Dave DeLuca
  • margaret downey
  • Brian Fields
  • Sean Faircloth
  • Rebecca L Hale
  • Herb Silverman
  • Scott Rhoades
  • Staks Rosch
  • Hugh Taft-Morales

2 people tracking this event

  • Alexa Blumenstock
  • Tim Farley

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  • Brian Fields @geekexile

    Co-Organizer, 2013 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference

  • Margaret Downey

    Co-Organizer, 2013 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference

  • Scott Rhoades @ScottRhoades5

    Co-Organizer, 2013 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference

  • Staks Rosch @DangerousTalk

    Co-Organizer, 2013 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference

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