Balanced Team San Francisco 2013

A Balanced Approach to Product Development

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Balanced Team is a global movement made up of people who value multi-disciplinary collaboration and iterative delivery focused on customer value as a source for innovation. We're a self-organizing group that learns from each other as we explore processes and methodologies to create great things. We welcome people who wear many hats (design, development, testing, product management, marketing and sales, to name a few). Our next event will be in San Francisco November 1-3. We hope you will join the conversation!

19 speakers

Coverage of Balanced Team San Francisco 2013

32 sessions

Reception Day 1 from 7pm to 10pm Friday 1st November 2013

Conference Day 2 from 8am to 5pm Saturday 2nd November 2013

Conference Day 3 from 8am to 5pm Sunday 3rd November 2013


42 known attendees

  • Tristan Kromer
  • Louis Montagne
  • Joy Liu
  • Jeff Patton
  • Francesco Corazza
  • Melissa Gena
  • David Fung
  • Dave Luciano
  • Lisa Winter
  • billibala
  • Jeff Dickey
  • Tricia Wang
  • Andy Montgomery
  • Aditi J. Rao
  • Vikram Babu
  • Erik-Paul Gibson
  • Jonathan L Lévesque
  • Rodney Chow
  • Wendy Quayle
  • Bill Scott
  • Robert Fan
  • Courtney Hemphill
  • Janet Brunckhorst
  • jonathanpberger
  • Ariadna Font Llitjos
  • Jay Trimble
  • Andrew Korf
  • Alexa Roman
  • Mike Long
  • Brittany Hunter
  • Martina Hodges-Schell
  • Lane Goldstone
  • Veronica Martini
  • Chris Nodder
  • Kate Rutter
  • David J Bland
  • Becky Gessler
  • Andrew Malcolm
  • Josh Hayes
  • J. Calvin Hoot

15 people tracking this event

  • Ian Fenn
  • Todd Webb
  • Philipp Schroeder
  • Jens Wedin
  • Karina Bernacki
  • Dave Ream
  • SearchMktgPro
  • Samuel Mikel Bowles
  • Marta Ryłko
  • Niklas Angmyr
  • ask.forux.me
  • Ben Callahan
  • Patrick Sansom
  • Henrik Mitsch
  • Neal Cabage

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