CFO Networking Event: Budgeting for Innovation schedule

Thursday 20th June 2013

  • The CFO as the Steward of Profitable Innovation

    by David Axson

    Innovation is central to the growth strategies of most companies yet CFOs have to walk a fine line between funding speculative investments and maintaining discipline in the allocation of scarce resources. As organizations seek out opportunities for innovation, CFOs should play a central role in the decision making process by:

    Ensuring adequate funding is available through disciplined capital and cash management;
    Providing timely risk-weighted analysis to support prioritization and decision making;
    Defining clear accountability for delivering return on investment;
    Establishing timely measurement processes to track progress;
    Leading a disciplined portfolio evaluation process to quickly adjust innovation investments.

    In this session, David Axson will explore how high performing CFOs build and operate disciplined investment management practices to maximize their organizations; "Return on Innovation"

    At 9:00am to 9:50am, Thursday 20th June

  • The CFO Balancing Act

    by Kathleen Hoffelder, Donald M. Raftery, Michael J. Giglio and Wendy F. DiCicco

    Moderator: Kathleen Hoffelder, CFO Senior Editor, Accounting & Tax
    Panelists: Wendy DiCicco, Chief Financial Officer, Nuron Biotech, Inc.
    Michael Giglio, Operating Principal, CFO and Director of Acquisitions, Kaufman Management Company, LLC
    Don Raftery, Managing Director, Banking and Capital Markets, Greenwich Associates

    The CFO plays a critical role in supporting -- or stifling -- innovation at a company. As more and more businesses look for new ways to grow in today's challenging markets, how are your senior finance peers deciding which projects to fund, where and how to invest, what hurdles can be overcome, and when to put a stop to unsuccessful efforts? Find out in this interactive session.

    At 10:15am to 11:00am, Thursday 20th June