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Wednesday 20th March 2013

  • Editing Clojure in Emacs

    by Ryan Neufeld

    In the Clojure world, Emacs is king. From Paredit to nREPL, Emacs and Clojure are a match made in heaven. Find out how the experts use Emacs to bring joy to their Clojure. Let me help you set up an effective minimal emacs config, go beyond the basics with paredit and make nREPL free your code.

    At 9:00am to 9:40am, Wednesday 20th March

    In Sequoia II, Marriot Courtyard City Center

  • Ritz - the missing Clojure tooling

    by hugoduncan

    Developing in clojure is fun, and enables you to get into that productive flow state. That is until you hit that tricky bug, and start peppering your code with println statements when a debugger might be easier. Or you trigger one of those compilation errors where clojure doesn't give you a source location. Or when you need to add a new library to your project, and you don't want to restart your REPL. Or maybe you'ld like to see how the function you're editing has changed over time.

    Ritz is a set of tools for debugging, inspecting, project reloading, codeq integration, lein integration, etc, for both nrepl and swank based tooling. This talk will show how ritz can be used with nrepl.el in emacs.

    At 9:50am to 10:30am, Wednesday 20th March

    In Studio theater, Gerding Theater at the Armory