CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe

Europe's CloudStack conference on open source cloud software

20 22 November 2013

We're very exited to announce the European Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference. With two very successful events in the United States, we are pleased to bring this event to Amsterdam. Located in the centre of Amsterdam, the Beurs van Berlage will provide a fantastic venue to host this event.

The European CloudStack conference will continue with the best ideas from the previous conferences and feature a varied set of presentations. Aimed at users, developers and everybody else interested in cloudstack, this will be the place to learn more about cloudstack or join the developers to discuss the past, present and future.

Collaboration is key to keep our community vibrant and growing. A lot of the talks and events at the conference will provide ample opportunity to meet with the cloudstack community and engage in deep discussions with developers and users. The hack day will provide an excellent opportunity to turn ideas into practice together with the committers.

108 speakers

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95 sessions

Hackathon, Workshops Day 1 from 8:30am to 11pm Wednesday 20th November 2013

Talks, Hackathon, Workshops Day 2 from 8:30am to 11pm Thursday 21st November 2013

Talks, Hackathon, Workshops Day 3 from 8:30am to 6pm Friday 22nd November 2013


170 known attendees

  • Nico
  • Frank Louwers
  • Bram Gillemon
  • Tom Paeleman
  • Kai S
  • Thomas de Looff
  • Bastiaan Schaap
  • Go Chiba
  • Jhon Masschelein
  • Duncan Johnston-Watt
  • Nojima Yoshikazu
  • Michel Drescher
  • Simon Fiddaman
  • Mario Carvalho
  • Jan Collijs
  • Arjen Wolfs
  • Johan Sörell
  • Frank Peter Schultze
  • Cloudify
  • Arash Kaffamanesh
  • Robert Saunders
  • James Casey
  • Marco Sinhoreli
  • Erik Weber
  • Remi Bergsma
  • Daniel Paulus
  • Bas Meijer
  • Henk Langeveld
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Oded Nahum
  • Rick de Graaf
  • Lennert den Teuling
  • Fahimeh Alizadeh Moghaddam
  • Anko Tijman
  • Bart van der Schans
  • Rudi Heinen
  • Tariq Iqbal
  • Peter Dens
  • Mikael Sörlin
  • G.W. van der Sterre

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  • Michiel Klaver
  • Mike Pavlenko
  • Jan van Hellemond
  • Reinier Cornelis
  • Marcel E.J. De Wagenaar
  • Jose Silva
  • Paul Bastowski
  • Conny
  • Perry
  • Ian Southam
  • Jakub Vysoký
  • Marcel Harkema
  • Jaime Echeverry
  • Juliet

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