CopenhagenJS — April 2013 attendee directory

Anders Ringqvist

for teh #lulz, #cookies and #ponies bio from Twitter

Martin Olsson

hacker, skier, traveller, beer drinker bio from Twitter

Pocketsize Bureau

Malmöbaserad webb & mediabyrå med stor passion för genuina och nyskapande webblösningar för så väl stora som små företag.


Front-end developer. Nodejs and CoffeeScript is my everyday consumption. HTML5 game dev hobbyist. bio from Twitter

Magnus Bodin

Technical Project Manager at Axis Communications bio from LinkedIn

David Björklund

I like to program, drink quality coffee and complain about my allergies. #yolo bio from Twitter

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Stefan Lidén

Swedish Front-End developer working in Copenhagen. bio from Twitter

Balázs Suhajda

father, husband, creator at onereason, cyclist, beer enthusiast, reducetarian, h+


Will there be cookies? bio from Twitter

Tomas Persson

Android zealot. Working as a hired gun for Consulence. Currently stationed @Sony Mobile, hacking in the Android Framework (frameworks/base).

Kevin Simper

CTO at Connected Cars, Docker Copenhagen meetup organizer, React enthusiasts bio from Twitter

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Björn Söderqvist

We can learn from each other (@copenhagenjs), share hardware (@malmodl), and exchange ideas (@demodag_malmo). bio from Twitter

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Peter Müller

CopenhagenJS organizer, Assetgraph contributor, Open Source enthusiast

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Kenneth Auchenberg

Program Manager, VS @code @ Microsoft. On a mission to make it easier to build software. @WEF Global Shaper. @coldfrontconf organizer & @remotedebug initiator bio from Twitter

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