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Mads Viktor

Digital Tinker/Thinker. #UXDesigner and #Fullstack #Developer. Founder of Kasts.co and co-founder of Wellplayed.io. #html5 #js #nodejs #design #UI #UX bio from Twitter

Younes Peters Touati

at Zmags bio from LinkedIn

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Troels Nørgaard

Software Engineer at Tradeshift, previous MDM Solution Architect, SmartOS & NewSQL smurf, windsurfer bio from Twitter

Johan Bouveng

Johan Bouveng, the Swiss army knife of agile web development. bio from LinkedIn

Jesper Hess Nielsen

Developer, Scuba Diver (Tec50), Photographer, etc. Tweeting in English and Danish bio from Twitter

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Tobias H. Michaelsen
  • Promises, Wed 18th December 8:10pm to 9:00pm
Martin Johansson

Gadget freak, Skier, family guy - works @ http://www.rushfiles.com bio from Twitter

Dennis Micky Jensen

Software Developer at Miinto Group bio from LinkedIn

Joel Fransson

Senior Web Developer at Saxo Bank bio from LinkedIn

Martin Møller

Full Stack Developer @DBCdk (#pallenext @pallesgavebod). Doing som open data game development on the side as well. bio from Twitter

Nicolai Seerup

Web Developer - Ruby on Rails - Backend - Experience in Startups - Working at Abtion.com bio from LinkedIn

Jesper Hauge

Web developer at Twins

Jeppe Toustrup

Operations falconeer at @FalconSocial. Media squad starter at @CPHTowers. Takes pictures and plays the bass in the spare time. bio from Twitter

Martin Gausby

Polyglot Developer. Has done client-side web development in the past. Converting to Erlang/Elixir and french. Living in Copenhagen, wanna go to Paris. bio from Twitter

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Jörgen Buder

CTO & Partner at Purple Scout AB

Søren Brokær

Developer @Podio, loves js, python and .net.. 20 years old.

Ludwig Magnusson

Web application developer doing nodejs, and learning functional programming. bio from Twitter

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