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Frederik Lassen

Developer (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Android[Java])

Thomas Watson

Entrepreneur, Node.js hacker and co-founder of @championhq bio from Twitter

Christian Nilsson

A climbing, beer drinking/brewing developer(or partner): http://bit.ly/Do6nC bio from Twitter

Kræn Hansen

I have been programming from age 12, before I knew the name of what I did. I'm really keen on getting our funded organisations to use open source software.

David Björklund

I like to program, drink quality coffee and complain about my allergies. #yolo bio from Twitter

Felix Nielsen

Partner / Technical Director / Developer @rwatgg, represented at http://baconcph.com - programming and animating DisplayObjects and DIVs since infinity. bio from Twitter

Morten Hulvej Andersen

Student developer at e-conomic

Martin Vicen

Front-end Lead Developer at @endomondo. bio from Twitter

René Hansen

Software Engineer @ Zendesk bio from Twitter

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Jens Sorensen

Software/Web Entrepreneur, Marketing, Developer, Sales, CTO at e-conomic in Denmark bio from Twitter

Martin Gausby

Polyglot Developer. Has done client-side web development in the past. Converting to Erlang/Elixir and french. Living in Copenhagen, wanna go to Paris. bio from Twitter

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Helping venture based IT companies scale... Currently Recruitment manager at e-conomic.com bio from Twitter

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Mathias Buus

Computer person and VP of Smørrebrød, @dat_project bio from Twitter

Martin Stub

Trainee at Aperture Science Enrichment Center bio from Twitter

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Christian Hammer

Full time senior developer at CodeSealer.


Mostly about web development. Founder of stylebark, and many more projects. bio from Twitter


Software Entrepreneur, building my own SaaS business. Freelance consultant. Love learning new things. Interested in business, SW, web, tech. Make a difference! bio from Twitter

Krzysztof Handke

Marketing student, webdesigner by a hobby bio from Twitter

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Peter Müller

CopenhagenJS organizer, Assetgraph contributor, Open Source enthusiast

Niels Robin Aagaard

Head of IT at Trollbeads, Technology enthusiast and Whiskey lover. bio from Twitter

Jeppe Toustrup

Operations falconeer at @FalconSocial. Media squad starter at @CPHTowers. Takes pictures and plays the bass in the spare time. bio from Twitter

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