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Cem Turan

#ReactNative, #Rx, #Scala, #Java, #Javascript and anything involving ☕ MSc. in Software Engineering @ITUkbh, #Android developer @Jayway and Organizer @gdgcph bio from Twitter

Martin Gausby

Polyglot Developer. Has done client-side web development in the past. Converting to Erlang/Elixir and french. Living in Copenhagen, wanna go to Paris. bio from Twitter

Mohsen Asfia

Fronend Developer at Valtech Danmark bio from LinkedIn

Nicolai Guldager

Web & Mobile enthusiast, Web Developer @Tradable, interested in performance arts and a, well above average height, caffeine addict bio from Twitter

Milán Nagy

Web Application Developer bio from LinkedIn


Laszlo Fogas, devops consultant. I help software teams to move their Docker experiments to production. bio from Twitter

Tibor Erdész

Senior Product Engineer at Falconsocial bio from LinkedIn

Tobias Berg

Coding, learning and having a blast. bio from Twitter

Søren Brokær

Developer @Podio, loves js, python and .net.. 20 years old.

Søren Lund

Full Stack Developer. DevOps Engineer. Enjoys beer/cooking/reading/traveling/movies/tv-shows. Is-a Linux User/Perl Monger/Emacs Evangelist/Java EE Architect. bio from Twitter

Peter Haldbæk

I like simple things and things that work. Developer. iOS. Android. Node. bio from Twitter

Hari Charan

Solution Developer at Scalepoint Technologies LTD bio from LinkedIn

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Bram Stein

Tweets on web typography and front-end development. Works at Typekit. bio from Twitter

Dimitrij Aleshkov

Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends. #hacker

Tim Day

Interactive designer at Integral cph. I design, code and anything else to get the job done. bio from Twitter

Dennis Green lieber

Head of Creative technologist at LBI Denmark

Martin Nicolai Sandholt

Front-end Designer at Hello Group bio from LinkedIn

Jacob Andresen

Combating complexity so you don't have to

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Mike Bailey


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Ludwig Magnusson

Web application developer doing nodejs, and learning functional programming. bio from Twitter

Helene Løchen Stenrud

Senior Front End Developer at Netmester A/S bio from LinkedIn

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