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Jeppe Toustrup

Operations falconeer at @FalconSocial. Media squad starter at @CPHTowers. Takes pictures and plays the bass in the spare time. bio from Twitter

David Pedersen

Design, card flourishing, tricking, Shinson Hapkido, photography and so on... bio from Twitter

Daria Filippova

Vice President for Finance at AIESEC Denmark bio from LinkedIn

Henrik Petersen

Developer at WeMakeTraffic ApS bio from LinkedIn

Matt Mischewski

I am looking for Javascript work in Copenhagen

Daniel Kvistgaard

Lead Frontend Developer at HTML24 and homebrew-beginner. Tweets about all kind of things - mostly frontend related. bio from Twitter

Klaus Jørgensen

Conductor at Blackwood Seven A/S bio from LinkedIn

Michał Wychowaniec

CTO at StopanGo bio from LinkedIn

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Anders Bo Pedersen

Mobile specialist & startup enthusiast. Currently shaping the future of mobile eye tracking @TheEyeTribe

Anders Pedersen

Frontend developer at Shift CPH

Martin Vicen

Front-end Lead Developer at @endomondo. bio from Twitter

Jacob Bech

Software Developer at Enalyzer A/S bio from LinkedIn


Peruvian street artist bio from Twitter

Isaakidis Marios

Catalyst, Internet Hacktivist, Science Communicator. bio from Twitter

Christoffer Persson

Senior Creative Consultant (according to http://www.bullshitjob.com/title/) at GleSYS bio from Twitter


Front end web developer bio from Twitter

Johan Brissmyr

Ruby on Rails and front-end guy at @popdevelop

Niels Robin Aagaard

Head of IT at Trollbeads, Technology enthusiast and Whiskey lover. bio from Twitter

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