CFI Summit

Joint conference of the Center for Inquiry, the Council for Secular Humanism and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, incorporating CSICON3

24 27 October 2013

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37 speakers

  • Bill Nye @BillNye The Science Guy; Planetary Society
  • Susan Jacoby Author of The Age of American Unreason, Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism, et.al.
  • Leonard Mlodinow @lmlodinow Physicist; Author of Subliminal, The Drunkard's Walk et.al.
  • Eugenie Scott Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education
  • Cara Santa Maria @CaraSantaMaria Science correspondent at The Huffington Post
  • Ronald A. Lindsay @RALindsay President & CEO Center for Inquiry
  • Katherine Stewart @kathsstewart
  • Zack Kopplin @ZackKopplin Evolution education activist
  • R. Elisabeth Cornwell Richard Dawkins Foundation
  • Ophelia Benson @OpheliaBenson Blogger at Butterflies and Wheels; author of Does God Hate Women? and Why Truth Matters
  • Susan Gerbic @SusanGerbic Creator of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia
  • S. T. Joshi Author, anthologist & editor of "The American Rationalist" magazine
  • Ed Tabash Constitutional Lawyer
  • Edwina Rogers @edwinarogers Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America
  • Barry Kosmin Director of the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society & Culture, Center for Inquiry
  • Tom Flynn Executive Director of the Council for Secular Humanism
  • James Alcock Professor of psychology at York University, author of Parapsychology: Science or Magic?
  • Bill Cooke Director of Transnational programs at the Center for Inquiry
  • Michael De Dora @mdedora Director of CFI's Office of Public Policy and CFI's representative to the United Nations
  • Kendrick Frazier Editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine
  • Will Gervais Assistant professor of psychology at University of Kentucky
  • Ray Hyman Professor emeritus of psychology at University of Oregon; member of the CSI Executive Council
  • Scott O. Lilienfeld Professor of psychology at Emory University, editorial board member of Skeptical Inquirer
  • Daniel Loxton @Daniel_Loxton Canadian writer, illustrator and editor of Junior Skeptic

Coverage of CFI Summit

35 sessions

Day 1 from 12pm to 9pm Thursday 24th October 2013

Day 2 from 8:30am to 9:30pm Friday 25th October 2013

Day 3 from 9pm to 11:59pm Saturday 26th October 2013

Day 4 from 9am to 1pm Sunday 27th October 2013

38 known attendees

  • Brian Engler
  • ObscureReferenceMan
  • Bevin Flynn
  • Center for Inquiry
  • Jeffrey Weston
  • James Funston
  • Barry Karr
  • Bill Nye
  • Leonard Mlodinow
  • Eugenie Scott
  • Cara Santa Maria
  • Ronald A. Lindsay
  • Katherine Stewart
  • Paul Fidalgo
  • Lauren Becker
  • Zack Kopplin
  • Robin Elisabeth Cornwell
  • Ophelia Benson
  • Susan Gerbic
  • Ed Tabash
  • Edwina Rogers
  • Barry Kosmin
  • James Alcock
  • Bill Cooke
  • Michael De Dora
  • Kendrick Frazier
  • Scott Lilienfeld
  • Daniel Loxton
  • Joe Nickell, Ph.D.
  • Benjamin Radford
  • James Underdown
  • Josh Zepps
  • Debbie Goddard
  • Mark D. Hatcher
  • Greta Christina
  • Lindsay Beyerstein
  • Ian Harris
  • PhilZuckerman

13 people tracking this event

  • Mike Smith
  • Lei Pinter
  • Noah Wiles
  • Reno Skeptics
  • MichelleRiggenRansom
  • Reed Esau
  • Alexa Blumenstock
  • Myron Lezak
  • Tim Farley
  • Doris Jackson
  • Akilade Ayotunde
  • Clair High
  • Fred & Bette Inman

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