GigaOM Structure:Data 2013

Put Data to Work

20 21 March 2013

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Click here to watch our Livestream as 700+ big data practitioners, technologists and executives discuss how to drive business success with big data: http://bit.ly/XO1mOo

Topics we'll cover include:

THE BIG DATA ERA NEEDS CUSTOM COMPUTE – Many experts agree that we will need a new class of compute and hardware for it. Get up to speed on what they forecast and what you need to integrate.

SCALING MACHINE LEARNING IN THE CLOUD – Machine learning is a difficult problem. Scaling it is even harder. Talk to the scientists who have done it.

THE LOOMING DATA SCIENTIST CRISIS – Finding talented IT professionals is hard. Recruiting and retaining data scientists is intensely worse. We discuss how to identify, recruit and grow the next generation of data talent.

ADDRESSING THE TENSION BETWEEN PERSONALIZATION AND PRIVACY – Every day you give your data willingly. There is no oversight, no ethics and little regard for guidelines. What gives? Money or ethics?

Find out more here: http://bit.ly/TtclqL

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