dConstruct 2013 attendee directory

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Michel Ferreira

Senior Designer, Front-end Developer, Speaker and Brand Consultant

Natalie D Kane

Works at @FuturEverything, Researcher at @Changeist. Associate of @TheCQWG and IAS. Co-curator of @hauntedmachines. Culture, futures, design and technology.

Paul Lloyd

Independent graphic designer and web developer · Previously @guardian, @clearleft and @ning · One day I’ll get a dog · 🇪🇺 bio from Twitter

Alla Kholmatova

Interaction designer at @FutureLearn. Always in the mood to talk about design systems. bio from Twitter


Dream your dreams at high volume

Phil Baker

Front-end developer

Marko Mrdjenovič

Cofounder and CTO @ http://klevio.com. Master at being a jack of all trades. Like good whisky, good experiences and going to conferences. bio from Twitter

Sergei Golubev

Pixel-perfect designer, entrepreneur and foodie. Co-founder of School of UX.

matteo mced

Kaizen Boy - tech midfielder

Janna Bastow

Talk to me about product! 👉 CEO/Co-founder of @ProdPad, product management software 👉 Co-founder of @MindTheProduct, community & events for product people bio from Twitter

Daniel Harris

Film & video technology lecturer. Videographer. @AOTV_ director. bio from Twitter

Matt Hinchliffe

Developer making new stuff at the @FT. Formerly @lonelyplanet. Web performance and accessibility nerd. I like my tea robustly brewed, white and with no sugar. bio from Twitter

Ben S

Wireframe monkey, former Tokyoite, student of Japanese and now slightly closer to Sidcup. All opinions are my own, etc. ... bio from Twitter


Freelance Front End & UX design. Note: Published opinions may not be shared by anyone.

Cindy Li

Just me,Cindy Li.My other 1/2 is @themattharris. Staff Product Designer for Flickr iPhone. bio from Twitter

Simon Willison

Director of Architecture, Eventbrite

Toby Cole

Technical Architect at Semantico bio from LinkedIn

Chris Finch

UI Developer at The Guardian, runner, fighter, coder, purveyor of chocolate and travel. bio from Twitter

Ravi Kumar


Yorick Brown

CMS Developer at Espresso Education

Dave Child

Fanatical PHP developer, entrepreneur and maker of cheat sheets. I built @readableio at @AddedBytes, as well as @ApolloPad @Cheatography & @CrosswordBot. bio from Twitter

Tom Warner

Guitarist in Dead Man Band and Technologist @ NixonMcInnes bio from Twitter

Robert Douglas

Doing lovely mobile design work with @ribot bio from Twitter

Paul Miller

Partner at Bethnal Green Ventures (@bg_ventures) helping tech startups working on stuff that matters. bio from Twitter

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