Defence Logistics Europe 2013 schedule

Tuesday 26th February 2013

  • Joint Workshop: Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom

    Benefits of Attending

    This treaty is the result of a long-standing special relationship between the US and UK, which officially entered into force on the 13th April, 2012. The aim of this treaty is to provide efficient and effective supply to frontline troops in international operations through greater cooperation between the UK and US. Industry will play a crucial role in supporting these overseas operations.

    This workshop will show you how your organisation can do business in the UK and US in the context of this treaty:

    > Be the first to learn how you can apply for membership in this ‘approved community.’

    > Discover how you can export military goods under the treaty new Open General Export Licence.

    > Participants will benefit from a holistic understanding of treaty providing you the knowledge on how to conduct effective business
    in these markets.

    Stephen Tate, Office of Defence Cooperation, US Embassy - Office of Defence Cooperation

    Warren Bayliss, Assistant Head, International Relations Group, Defence Equipment & Support, UK MoD

    On Tuesday 26th February

Wednesday 27th February 2013

  • Joint Logistic Support for Overseas Large-Scale Operations

    > Development of a strategic plan that ensures flexibility and adaptability, taking into account operational and tactical sustainment efforts in-theatre

    > Ensuring that support capabilities correlate closely to operational requirements in the field

    > In-depth analysis of apportionment and allocation in logistical planning

    Brigadier General Blaine D. Holt, J4 Director, Headquarters U.S. European Command

    On Wednesday 27th February

Thursday 28th February 2013

  • UK MoD Total Support Force Focus: An Introduction to Total Support Force (TSF)

    > Introduction to the United Kingdom’s Total Support Force Programme; learn how your organisation can take part

    > In-depth analysis into existing partnerships and contracts with particular emphasis on current key challenges and how to address them

    > Overview of the latest strategic drivers shaping the future of the Total Support Force Programme

    Major General Ian Copeland, Director Joint Support
    Chain, UK MoD

    Air Commodore Barrie Thomson, Logistic Network
    Enabled Capability, UK MoD

    On Thursday 28th February