Devopsdays NYC 2013 attendee directory

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Robbie Mitchell

Knewton head of marketing and communications. Previously an education entrepreneur and rap music producer.

Sean Mountcastle

C/C++ developer of internet infrastructure (embedded software for network elements and DNS resolution servers). ObjC in my spare time for iOS devices.

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Michael Rembetsy

lover of all packets, firewalls, routers, switches, hacker, dad, geek, constantly working on being better at writting code, and I work in ops at @Etsy. bio from Twitter

Ho Ming Li

Will work on anything interesting to learn. SE for ActiveState Stackato.

Bethany Erskine

Mom, barbell enthusiast, music lover & Ops gal @PaperlessPost

Pete Cheslock

Ceci n'est pas un @petechesbot. I computer at @threatstack. I also do @BosOps & @ShipShowPodcast. PGP: http://omg.pete.wtf/1bqAY bio from Twitter

Steven Murawski

Site Reliability Engineer at Stack Exchange


Software for data-driven orchestration, automation and configuration management for any infrastructure or application stack

Alexis Lê-Quôc

@datadoghq co-founder & CTO

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Dave Zwieback

Sentient being. Husband and father. VP of Engineering @NextBigSound. CTO @LotusOutreach. Devops practitioner. Influential about Unicorns.

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