Monkeynomics and the Origins of Irrational Decisions

A session at Digital Shoreditch Festival 2013

Friday 24th May, 2013

9:40am to 10:00am (GMT)

Where does human irrationality come from? My lab has tried to answer this question
by exploring whether monkeys share human like irrational biases. We've been able
to teach a group of capuchin monkeys to use their own form of currency, which
allows us to explore how they make financial decisions in a real market. So
far, we've learned that monkeys seem to show some of the same errors as
humans, particularly when it comes to risk and money, suggesting that some of
our human errors may be evolutionarily quite old. But we've also learned that
there are some biases that are unique to humans. In my talk, I'll discuss one
bias we're leaning more about, our human tendency to copy the ideas and
beliefs of others. I'll discuss why humans alone are prone to conforming to
others, and also what we can do to curb this automatic bias to increase
creativity and innovation"

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Laurie Santos

Prof., Yale University

"Dr. Laurie Santos is Professor of Psychology and Director of Comparative
Cognition Laboratory at Yale University. Santos studies the evolutionary
origins of human decision making. Her research has shown that monkeys
have some of the same economic irrational biases as humans, suggesting that some
of human errors may be evolutionarily old. Her scientific research has been
featured in The New York Times, The Economist, New Scientist, and Smithsonian
Magazine. She is the recipient of the American Psychological
Association's Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to
Psychology and was recently voted one of Popular Science Magazine's Brilliant
10 Young Minds."

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Time 9:40am10:00am GMT

Date Fri 24th May 2013


Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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