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Monday 20th May 2013

  • A Big Hello!

    by Kam Star

    Welcome address by Digital Shoreditch Founder, Kam Star.

    At 9:30am to 9:35am, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • What is Tech City?

    by Guy Nicholson

    Keynote session discussing the issues and unique opportunities available to those living and working in Tech City.

    At 9:35am to 9:50am, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Unveiling the Tech City Futures Report

    by Julian Blake

    The Tech City Futures Report – the most comprehensive survey to date of the people running tech businesses in London – is launched at the start of What Tech City Day at Digital Shoreditch.

    With a complimentary copy of the report for anyone attending, TechCityInsider.net’s editor Julian Blake will unveil the headline findings of the report and set the scene for discussion later on.

    This introduction preps the Tech City Futures Report session at 16.30 where leading tech entrepreneurs debate the report’s findings - and share solutions.

    At 9:50am to 9:55am, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Tech City From The Inside

    by Eze Vidra, Benjamin Southworth and Andrew Sissons

    A panel session with some of Tech City's most influential voices.

    At 9:55am to 10:50am, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Learn to visualise your message

    by Natalia Talkowska

    I have been illustrating for many years however this year I set up my company Natalka Design which provides individuals and companies with various visual prompts that help them to grow businesses. I mostly work with corporates and live sketch during conferences, meetings and talks. I also create vision and moodboards for new projects. Apart from that I produce short animated 'who we are' and 'how to' videos for companies and illustrate and design various projects.

    At 10:30am to 11:15am, Monday 20th May

    In Mayor's Parlour, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Digital London Startup Machine 2012

    by Ian Dowson

    How big was Digital London's start-up machine in 2012, what was the total investment how did this investment split between Seed, Angel, Private Equity and Acquisition and M&A deals. What did London invest in, how does London's investment compare with that of the other two cities in the Digital Media start-up super network, San Francisco and New York.

    At 10:50am to 11:10am, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Modern London Should Be Accessible to All: How Shoreditch accommodates those with disabilities

    by Fiona Jarvis

    If you were in a wheelchair, you would become painfully aware of the obstacles that block your mobility around London and Shoreditch, everyday. Fiona Jarvis can't walk, and has turned her misfortune into good fortune by launching her Blue Badge Style website and mobile apps (iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry). She's an expert on determining the success a venue may have if they address the needs of those with disabilities, and wants to speak to attendants at Digital Shoreditch about how paying attention to mobility access is good for modern business. She'll also address how new technologies can help those with disabilities, and will show that with an estimated 700,000 people in London are living with disabilities, a group that packs an 80 billion pound spending power. Her presentation will cover the issues that modern London must address for disability access, and show how what is good for this group of people, is good for all of the city.

    At 10:50am to 11:05am, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Challenges and Innovations in Digital within a Major Charity

    by Kristina Barrick

    A discussion around the role a charity has to play in digital development, the benefits of doing so and the necessity to future proof. o The charity sector must adopt a role in ensuring that mainstream technology is more accessible, especially as it can play a key part in improving a person's quality of life. We have the capabilities to advise developers how to adapt their products to make them more inclusive. o Digital support provides consistent care, from a person's home, which can be accessed 24 hours a day. The digitization of care is revolutionary. In terms of stroke, if rehabilitation can be made user-led, entertaining and always available, we could see much faster improvements in a person's recovery. As well as saving costs to the NHS. This can also be applied to other conditions. o Use of digital technologies is money and time saving. Innovation is not cheap, but the benefits out-weigh the costs in the long-term. Digitizing records and resources, exploring digital methods of fundraising and providing a digital form of support are all ways in which organisations could benefit financially.

    At 11:05am to 11:20am, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Giving back to society - sharing skills and networking with the voluntary sector

    by Louise Muller and Lauren Tobias

    This session will give an overview of the charity sector in Hackney and the key challenges faced by the communities. This session is for entrepreneurs who are keen to know more about Hackney and who are motivated by the idea of 'giving something back' to the local community by sharing their skills with others. The session is aimed at those who want to connect with those from the charity sector and see the relevance of mutual exchange. The session will introduce Volunteer Centre Hackney who match individuals with charities to share their time and skills and will highlight ways that individuals from the enterprise sector can support charities and the local Hackney community. It will detail how linking with charities can open up new networks and offer access to a potentially different customer base. The session will also give an overview of regeneration charity ELBA who works with corporate partners to support east London and support cross sector partnerships. It will describe how partnerships can be developed with corporates in the City and what skills sharing might be on offer from this side.

    At 11:20am to 11:35am, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Exploring Austin, Texas / Hackney Collaboration Opportunities

    by Fred Schmidt

    In January 2012 the Borough of Hackney and the City of Austin, Texas signed a Friendship Agreement to advance cultural and economic development opportunities between our vibrant communities in tech, creative, entrepreneurship, music, the arts and more. Over the past year, a number of initial exchanges have taken place. Among them, Tech City continues to increase its presence in the South-By-Southwest Conference every March. Austin will be doing the same with participation in Digital Shoreditch. What further opportunities exist year-round for collaboration between our cities? From joint technical ventures...to musical/theatrical showcases...to art installations...to formal internships...we'll cover as much as 25 minutes will permit! This talk will explore the possibilities by a veteran of the tech and creative industries on both sides of the pond and who has an immense passion for the creative energies and fertile soil of innovation in both places.

    At 11:30am to 11:50am, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • NHS is failing. Digital technology can help.

    by Noel Duncan

    The NHS must make £20 billion in savings over the next 4 years. The only way it can do this is to embrace digital technology and disease prevention strategies.

    At 11:35am to 11:50am, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • The 'Otherside' of the roundabout

    by William Knight, Andrew Franklin, Neil Maiden and Mary Ann Kernan

    This session explores Clerkenwell focal role in London’s creative industries, especially in entrepreneurial design and craft. The 2013 Clerkenwell Design Week, 21-13 May, invites the public to visit and explore the area’s workshops and businesses as part of “the UK’s leading independent design festival, featuring 60 showrooms, a wealth of creative businesses and more architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet” (see CDW site). William Knight, show director of 100% Design for the London Design Festival, introduces the design hub to be found in Clerkenwell and Farringdon, and outlines the
    importance and impact of events such as 100% Design and Clerkenwell Design Week. Andrew Franklin, the head of successful independent commercial publishing houses, Profile Books, joins the discussion to outline why he chose to locate in Exmouth Market, and the benefits of LOCAL to Profile.

    At 11:50am to 12:45pm, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • The road to success is always under construction

    by David Bott

    As a young(ish) organisation ourselves, we recognise the need to get the right type of support at the right time. Over the last 5 years, we have been evolving the tools we inherited from the DTI and building new ones that we think help. What we need to do is communicate how we think the variety of support mechanisms we have fit with the sorts of problems you have. Help us!

    At 11:50am to 12:05pm, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Technology Strategy Board Launchpad

    by Roland Lamb, Michael Kowalski, Brian Taylor, Jo Roach, Jenny Griffiths and Conrad Ford

    The Tech City Launchpad contest was announced at the inaugural Digital Shoreditch festival in 2011 and this session includes a follow-up showcase of six of the resultant projects. The showcase will be introduced by David Bott, Director of Innovation Programmes at the Technology Strategy Board, followed by series of short presentations where MakieLab, PixelPin, Padify, Snap Fashion and Funding Options will talk about the impact of the funding secured through the Launchpad contest, and their journey from concept to commercialisation.

    At 12:05pm to 12:45pm, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Crowdfunding for civic projects

    by Chris Gourlay

    I want to look at how crowdfunding can transform our towns and cities. On Spacehive, anyone can propose a project idea to make where they live better, and anyone can back projects they like - from local residents to businesses, corporates, and grant bodies. It helps brilliant ideas come to light and find funding from a diverse range of sources.

    At 1:30pm to 1:40pm, Monday 20th May

    In Mayor's Parlour, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • The BBC and Tech City

    by Adrian Woolard

    How the BBC collaborates with industry, academia, tech start-ups, and developers to continue innovating to bring audiences new features, formats and services in the future. What further opportunities are there to work together to shape the future of digital BBC?

    At 1:30pm to 1:50pm, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Who Am I Online (And, Dammit, How Do I Get Noticed In London?)

    by Alex Shebar

    Everyone has an online brand, whether you're a giant company with hundreds of employees and social media accounts or just a person with a blog and a dream of millions of followers and book deals and at-home working. Ah, the life.

    However, it can be very challenging to get that attention today, and made even more difficult in a city like London, when there's so much going on, it's harder and harder to break through and find the people who might be interested in what you're doing.

    I'm going to chat about the different ways to manage this personality you have online, get yourself noticed and not spend so much time and effort on things that just aren't working. Maybe you may even walk away with a few new followers who are in the room that very day.

    At 1:30pm to 1:50pm, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Location-based networking for business

    by Lyndon Gasking

    GetLunched - the new way to make the most of all the valuable connections around you! Named by BBC Click as one of the best websites of 2012, GetLunched is the GPS version of Linked In! Ever wanted some advice, or a super valuable business connection? Maybe you want to get your foot in the door, help with your big idea or just meet up with some new and interesting people? There are thousands of connections and possibilities all around us, all we need is a reason to meet up... and lunch is the perfect opportunity. We also offer lunch suggestions and deals in restaurants nearby, so you're never stuck for ideas on where to meet.

    At 1:40pm to 1:50pm, Monday 20th May

    In Mayor's Parlour, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Future of Retail: Multichannel Mall

    by Roger Wade

    Boxpark is creating a revolutionary new multichannel mall at Boxpark Shoreditch, a place where instore retailing meets digital. See brochure link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.co...

    At 1:50pm to 2:10pm, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Making a Digital Children's Republic

    by Lucy Macnab

    Last summer, working with the Ministry of Stories, 150 local children formed their own country and declared independence. The Children's Republic of Shoreditch was entirely conceived of by children, who worked together with designers, educators, architects, web developers and volunteer mentors to found their own embassy building, in an empty shop on Hoxton Street. They invented a manifesto, a spy network, a passport and citizenship test, a census and a national anthem. All of these were enjoyed by hundreds of local children and their families over the summer holidays. This talk hopes to explore how we might take the idea of a Children's Republic and create it online, so that many more children could join in creative activities and contribute to a digital republic. The Ministry of Stories is looking for people to help develop the idea and make it a reality through all kinds of support - if you're interested, stop by and hear how!

    At 1:50pm to 2:10pm, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Creating interactive data visualization with d3.js [FALSE]

    by makoto_inoue

    ### Updated by @makoto_inoue on 20th Mon

    Apologies for those who were looking for this workshop. I think this was some sort of mistake and my schedule was wrongly put on this day. I am suppose to help out Make&Do event and hack together, rather than giving workshop. If you are going to attend the weekend, see you there.

    ### old info

    d3.js is a popular JavaScript data visualisation library. The main difference from other charting library is its focus on interactivity. Makoto created a series of screencast called 'The Joy of d3.js', a commit-by-commit guide to building Hans Rosling's 'GapMinder' data visualisation in d3.js. The more detail is at<a href='http://blog.new-bamboo.co.uk/2013/01/07/the-joy-of-d3-js'> http://blog.new-bamboo.co.uk/201...;

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Monday 20th May

    In Shoreditch Town Hall

  • How to realise the power of place, in a digital world?

    by Peter Rauxloh

    Every year, hundreds of archaeological excavations take place in advance of development, which generate thousands of features and finds and myriad stories about Londoner's lives. Yet these stories are meant for the living, now, and the point of carefully recovering them is so they can be told. As an archaeological charity, we need to find the best ways in which to reach people with these stories, and which of the huge digital and physical resources we have are best placed to enable that engagement. We invite the eInnovators at Digital Shoreditch 2013 to come to us and hear more about our requirements and talk about ideas they have on this topic with a view to working with us on innovative collocations.

    At 2:00pm to 2:10pm, Monday 20th May

    In Mayor's Parlour, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • iCity - if only I had access to what the public sector holds..

    by Margarethe Theseira

    Building on the success of open data projects such as the London Datastore, this project will explore how public infrastructure and private data could be made available for developers to create services for the public. The main output is a technical platform that will aggregate data sources from infrastructure and data platforms across European cities opening up opportunities for developers and SMEs. http://www.icityproject.com

    At 2:10pm to 2:30pm, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

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  • Introducing the Buggle

    by Sarah Buggle

    The night of your life is happening around the corner and you’re missing out, why?
    Because you don't know what is playing where. Finding out what’s playing around you isn’t easy or spontaneous. The Buggle app will change this by putting you in control. We aim to live launch it at Digital Shoreditch.
    Be there.

    At 2:10pm to 2:20pm, Monday 20th May

    In Mayor's Parlour, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • UCL Advances - Your Business Roadmap

    by Timothy Barnes

    UCL Advances is leading the way in London for providing innovative and relevant business support to start-ups and SMEs. From fully-funded interns to business mentors to usability testing opportunities, UCL Advances can find business support that is bespoke and directly relevant to many start ups and SMEs.

    At 2:10pm to 2:30pm, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Excursions: mobiles supporting artful urban walking

    by Tim Jones

    There is huge scope for engaging residents of and visitors to London with much more diverse locations and communities. A collaboration between motiroti, and Cass Business School is pioneering the fusion of artists, intercultural diversity, mobile apps and urban walking.

    At 2:20pm to 2:30pm, Monday 20th May

    In Mayor's Parlour, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • City Unrulyversity

    by Deana Murfitt and Caroline Wiertz

    City Unrulyversity is a free pop-up university in the heart of Tech City. Our mission is to inform, inspire, and empower the next generation of Tech City entrepreneurs. We pop up every Wednesday from 6-8 PM at Unruly HQ, just off Brick Lane. Taught by leading academics of City University London, City Unrulyversity combines practical relevance with academic rigour, theoretical underpinnings, and the latest research. All sessions are interactive and focus on sharing knowledge, discussing ideas, challenging assumptions, and reflecting on your own business practice. Come join Unruly and City University for a fun and light-hearted talk where we will discuss how the idea of City Unrulyversity came to be, how it's been doing so far, and help us shape the next term!

    At 2:30pm to 2:50pm, Monday 20th May

    In Assembly Hall, Shoreditch Town Hall

    Coverage video

  • Don't let your infrastructure constrain your vision

    by Julian King

    Designing infrastructure to support your growth.
    Take advantage of the benefits of big corporate-style technology here in the heart of Shoreditch without needing big corporate-style budgets.

    At 2:30pm to 2:40pm, Monday 20th May

    In Mayor's Parlour, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Keeping London Moving

    by Stuart Neale

    Transport for London is embarking on a huge online upgrade programme. Come and see how it is wrestling with defining its place in the digital and mobile landscape, with some major new launches in 2013.

    At 2:30pm to 2:50pm, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

  • Silicon Roundabout and Silicon Beach, Los Angeles

    by Kevin Winston

    This panel discusses the link between the Digital Shoreditch / TechCity startup community in London and startups in LA, often referred to as Silicon Beach. Several LA startups have opened offices in London to expand their reach to UK and International offices. Similarly, companies like Mind Candy, etc. to create digital content or open to LA audiences / customers. Speakers who've worked on both sides of the pond will discuss their experiences, and how to build businesses across the two communities including finding funding, talent, leveraging resources, and marketing and social media.

    At 3:00pm to 3:45pm, Monday 20th May

    In Council Chamber, Shoreditch Town Hall

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