droidcon Berlin 2013 speakers

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Al Sutton


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Alasdair Collinson
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Alexander Fröhlich


Alexander Fröhlich is a computer scientist. Besides his interests in computational physics and several years of work experience in climate modeling, he is a passionate gamer und game developer. Having joined Andlabs only recently he is now focusing on the libGdx Framework.

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Alexander Weggerle


Alexander Weggerle works in Intel's Software and Solutions Group as Technical Consulting Engineer for software development tools.
Based on several years of experience in web development and developing applications for Android, he is deeply engaged in defining Intel’s tools for mobile system and application development. He is based in Ulm, Germany.

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Alexandra Dmitrienko

Fraunhofer SIT

Alexandra Dmitrienko is a research assistant at Fraunhofer Insitute for Secure Information Technology in Darmstadt (Germany). She obtained her MSc in IT-Security from the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University in Russia. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in the area of Secure Mobile Computing. Her research is focused on security aspects of mobile operating systems, such as Android, and secure mobile applications, in particular, online banking, mobile payments, ticketing and access control. Her scientific papers have been published at a number of scientific conferences, including such top-tier venues in security as IEEE Security&Privacy, ACM Communication and Communication Security (ACM CCS) and the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS).

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Anders Göransson


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Andoni Lombide Carreton

Software Languages Lab

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Andreas Lüdeke


Andreas Lüdeke is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and one of three founders of TestObject GmbH. He drives forward the development of the TestObject Technology. He holds a dual study degree in collaboration with IBM. Andreas Lüdecke went on to work at SAP for a few years, where he gathered further experience as a senior software engineer. As scrum master he led the development processes of his teams and implemented Agile Software Development methods at SAP and Immobilienscout 24. He is specialized in TDD, Continuous Integration and Mobile Testing. Andreas Lüdeke was elected as the “Newcomer of the Year 2012” at the Bed-Con Java Conference.

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Andreas Rudolf


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Andreas Schreiber

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.

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Annette Bosbach


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Bernhardt Hochstätter

Deutsche Telekom

Bernhardt is head of Mobile Solutions at Deutsche Telekom.

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Björn Taubert


Software Application Engineer, EMEA Developer Relations Division, Intel Software and Services Group
Björn Taubert is Software Application Engineer in the Intel EMEA Small Form Factor Enabling Team. He is responsible for supporting software companies and developers in EMEA to optimize their applications for Intel’s current and upcoming mobile platforms and technological features.
Before joining the Small Form Factor team in 2012, Björn held various Technical Marketing positions within Intel. Björn Taubert holds a university diploma degree in Applied Media Science from the Technical University of Ilmenau.

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Boris v. Lüttwitz


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Catalin Golban


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Christian Jung
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Christof Roduner


Christof Roduner is the COO and co-founder of Scandit and responsible for developing and operating Scandit's backend infrastructure and general operations. Before founding Scandit, Christof was a researcher at ETH Zurich and MIT, where he worked on Internet of Things-related projects with industry partners such as Deutsche Telekom, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo and SAP. Prior to his research career, Christof had his own company that built and marketed a CRM software, and he later headed the Internet business at a Zurich-based IT company. Christof is also a co-founder of Fosstrak, the leading open-source RFID software platform that implements the EPC Network specification and is used in RFID projects at Orange/FranceTelecom, SAP, TCS and many others. Christof studied computer science and business administration at the University of Zurich and the University of Uppsala and holds an MSc from the University of Zurich, a PhD from ETH Zurich (both in computer science). He has a passion for scalable server infrastructures and web technologies.

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Christoph Dressel


Christoph Dressel is Partner and COO at Kwamecorp, Ltd. (UK, Portugal, US). He has 15 years of experience in founding and consolidating companies and as a director in multi-disciplinary teams for ideation and development of projects for mobile, tablet, web and wearables. Before starting and developing Kwamecorp’s Lisbon and San Francisco offices, he led the team of architects for the ideation and development of the Meego Operating System for Intel and Samsung’s key account operations, including Android OS and Tizen development, ideation, UX, UI and wearable devices. Christoph holds a Business MBA from the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

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Christoph Marschall

LG Electronics

Christoph is Technical Manager of LG Electronics Europe R&D and part of LG’s Technology Strategy Team for Mobile Communications. He is working in Telecommunication industry for more than 10 years and contributed to the introduction of various technologies in European market. His Team is evaluating and governing the rollout of future technologies in European products of LG Electronics and provides technical insight for innovative products and services.

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Connor Treacy

Connor is an engineer at Facebook, where he uses his knowledge of Graph API and Open Graph to help developers integrate Facebook into their app experiences.

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Corey Latislaw

Geeky eco-minded nature-loving technophile. Feminist. Android GDE, lead at @OffGridE, international speaker, sketchnoter, founder @bushelme and @androidphilly. bio from Twitter

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Cornelius Rabsch


Cornelius Rabsch is Manager Mobile C2C at eBay. He joined eBay Germany in 2012 as a Product Manager Mobile with a focus on improving eBay's mobile experiences. Before that he worked as VP Mobile Devices at kaufDA/Bonial International Group where he managed the mobile product and software development team. His mobile career started with founding Tagcrumbs in 2008, a location-based service to remember your favorite places. 2008 was the year when the iPhone 3G with GPS was announced, an important milestone for location-based services. He studied Computer Science and Business at the University of Mannheim and the University of Waterloo in Canada.

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Daniel Adam


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Danny Preussler

ebay Kleinanzeigen

Danny is the Lead Engineer Android at eBay Kleinanzeigen and passionate about unit testing on mobile. Before he joined eBay he developed mobile solutions on any Java based mobile platform for Berlin based Cortado AG. Danny lives in Berlin and has worked for PSI AG and Alcatel in his career.

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Danny Preussler


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Dominik Helleberg


Dominik is head of mobile development team at Inovex.

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Duncan J. Burrell


Duncan Burrell – Manager, Connected Services and Solutions Organisation, Ford of Europe

Ford is continually strengthening its reputation as an automotive leader for in-car connectivity and communications network-leveraging features and services, thanks in no small part to the work of Duncan Burrell and his team.

As Connected Services and Solutions Organisation manager, Ford of Europe, Burrell oversees the integration of communications-based services inside Ford vehicles – ensuring that such features are delivered to Ford customers in a safe and practical manner that adds value to the ownership experience.

Rather than offering costly additional hardware or subscription options, Ford instead develops features that support the customers’ existing devices and connectivity services.

“We are trying to enhance the relationships people already have, without them having to adopt new systems and without us needing to develop new infrastructures,” said Burrell. “We want our cars to support the digital lives of our customers, and enable seamless transition from the outside world, into the car.”

Based at Ford’s Merkenich Research and Development Centre, Cologne, Germany, Burrell is a keen cyclist and runner. Appointed to his current role in November, 2011, he has held 14 positions across a variety of departments during a Ford career that began in 1992.

After graduating from the University of York with a B.Eng. Hons. in electronics, Burrell joined Ford as a security component engineer. One of his earliest projects was to help develop the first Thatcham approved immobiliser, for the Fiesta XR2i and Escort XR3i models.

He has also held positions as diverse as paint and surface quality engineer, both electro-magnetic compatibility engineer and supervisor for small cars and large cars, business planner, and commercial vehicles chassis electronics supervisor.

Burrell’s roles have taken him to the U.K., Spain and Germany, where he currently lives in central Cologne, and he has worked on vehicle lines including small cars such as Ka and Fiesta, as well as larger vehicles including Transit.

“The great thing about Ford is that you have the opportunity for a huge amount of diversity in your working life,” said Burrell. “During my Ford career I’ve worked in product development, manufacturing and planning roles, which gives a tremendous insight into how our vehicles are developed and built, and helps deliver the best products for our customers.”

However, for Burrell, the most exciting aspect of working for an automotive industry technology leader is the chance to deliver products, features and services that can really improve customers’ ownership experiences.

“We’re not developing high-cost hardware, we’re developing affordable solutions to support customers’ existing choices,” said Burrell. “It’s very much back to grass roots Ford – a car for everyone, and now technology for everyone, too.”

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Erdem Yilmaz


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Eric Lafortune


Eric Lafortune is the creator of ProGuard. He has a background in academia and in industry. After having earned a PhD in computer graphics from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), he worked as a researcher at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). In the early days of Java, he joined the GIS start-up Luciad. About a year ago, he founded his own start-up, Saikoa. At Saikoa, he puts all his energy in driving ProGuard and DexGuard forward, and helping customers build compact and hardened applications.

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Fee Beyer


Fee is the Program Manager of hub:raum. In this role she takes care of the Accelerator Program, partnering and events.
Fee has worked for many years in start-ups (including IXI Mobile, Qiro, Deal United) and with incubators (FoundersLink) in Berlin, where she also organized events (Facebook Developer Garage, Seedcamp, Mobile Monday). She has been with Telekom for three-and-a-half years and among her tasks was getting an inhouse incubator as well as an internal start-up (www.weality.com) up-and-running.
Fee has studied Business Economy and has furthermore a Bachelor in Media and Communication.
Fee likes vintage racing bikes, mountains and HARIBO!