Droidcon London 2013

Droidcon London is the biggest Android conference in Europe, bringing together the best and brightest in the industry. It’s a must for anyone who wants to keep ahead of the curve on Android innovations and find out about the latest advances and tech.

24 27 October 2013

35 speakers

  • Stephan Brunner @stephanbrunner8 Stephan joined Runtastic as the Head of Android Development. Runtastic have published 22 apps so far, most of which maintain an exceptionally high rating (4.5+)
  • Juhani Lehtimaki Juhani is an Android developer with passion to design. He writes about Android design in his blog at http://www.androiduipatterns.com/
  • Hans Dockter @hans_d Hans is the founder of Gradle and Gradleware. Hans has 13 years of experience as a software developer, team leader, architect, trainer, and technical mentor.
  • Scott Alexander Brown Scott has 8 year’s software development experience based in financial services and software development houses. Scott lives and breathes mobile.
  • Nicoll Hunt The gamedev behind the one-man studio I Fight Bears and the latest game Fist of Awesome, Nicoll is a rising star in the indie game scene.
  • Eric Lafortune Eric Lafortune is the creator of ProGuard and Dexguard. (which reduce the size of any Java Bytecode, i.e. making more compact code)
  • Mark Allison @MarkIAllison
  • Taylor Ling @taylorling

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35 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 24th October 2013

Day 2 Friday 25th October 2013

Day 3 Saturday 26th October 2013

Day 4 Sunday 27th October 2013

Unscheduled sessions

57 known attendees

  • Adam Cohen-Rose
  • Ben Collier
  • Scott Alexander-Bown
  • Ocasta Studios
  • Jon Lay
  • Jon Reeve
  • Nick Osborn
  • Andrei Pop
  • Michelle Coventry
  • Paul Riley
  • Javier
  • Matt Oakes
  • Eliot Conaway
  • Savvas Dalkitsis
  • Romain Piel
  • Martyn Haigh
  • Shaun Michael Stone
  • Sam Davies
  • Nathan Krasney
  • Dmitri Grabov ♠
  • Margaret Leibovic
  • Mark Jolley
  • Filip Maelbrancke
  • Mark Eting
  • Neil McGuiggan
  • Thibaut Rouffineau
  • Stephan Brunner
  • Hans Dockter
  • Nicoll Hunt
  • Mark Allison
  • Taylor Ling
  • Leslie Drewery
  • Jeff Gilfelt
  • Al Sutton
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Jason Avent
  • Pierre-Yves Ricau
  • Kenton Price
  • Kumar Rangarajan
  • Mark Murphy

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30 people tracking this event

  • precious
  • Paul Rutter
  • Florian Rathgeber
  • Ashley Burton
  • Jess Robinson
  • Adewale Oshineye
  • Mark Keating
  • Ilya Karpukhin
  • Peter Friese
  • Keith Mitchell
  • Zoe Nolan
  • Dajana
  • Edgar Marca
  • Ciprian Ursu
  • Jon Arne S.
  • Tim Anglade
  • Pedro Morais
  • Waqas Pitafi
  • Peter Rocker
  • John Wards
  • Tunji Jabitta
  • Chris Leydon
  • Damian
  • Neil Cuthbert
  • Simon Cross
  • Gabor Koves
  • Nicky Driver
  • Laurent
  • Raymond Cuttill
  •  Ioana Chiorean

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