Droid Devs CPH - December 2013 schedule

Wednesday 11th December 2013

  • Food & Drinks

    Host and/or sponsors of the event serves refreshments

    At 6:30pm to 7:00pm, Wednesday 11th December

  • DroidDevs CPH, first meetup introduction

    by Michael Nexø and Anders Bo Pedersen

    The organizers of DroidDevs CPH, Anders Bo Pedersen & Michael Nexø will present the developer group and the initiative behind it.

    The aim of the group is to gather Android professionals of all levels and establish a forum where knowledge sharing and socializing in pleasant surroundings is in focus. We meet up at the second Wednesday of every month to share knowledge, present use cases and debate the latest trends of the industry.

    We need enthusiastic developers to get involved and interesting speakers to step forward :-)

    At 7:00pm to 7:15pm, Wednesday 11th December

  • Cupboards and beyond

    by Michael Nexø

    While a lot of good things can be said about Android's SQLite-based persistence layer, exposing a pretty API is not one of them.

    A great number of Android libraries exist to make storing and querying for data easier. In this talk Michael Nexø will take a look at Cupboard, a relatively new library that elegantly wraps the Android APIs while avoiding some of the issues often encountered when using more fully fledged ORMs.

    Finally, Michael will present a few ideas for improving a couple of Cupboard's shortcomings, one of which will require the use of Java annotation processing.

    At 7:15pm to 8:00pm, Wednesday 11th December

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  • Introduction to the Android NDK and OpenGL ES

    by Daniel Povlsen

    The default language for Android development is Java. For most applications this is perfectly fine, but for performance critical apps, e.g. real-time games, native development is the way to go. Leveraging existing code written in C/C++ is another use case.

    OpenGL ES is the de facto API for using the GPU on mobile devices. It is used for essentially all rendering of 2D and 3D graphics on Android, including the system UI.

    In this session, Daniel will introduce the Android NDK using OpenGL ES. He will go from 0 to 3D and run native programs on both the CPU and GPU.

    At 8:00pm to 8:45pm, Wednesday 11th December

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  • Break

    At 8:45pm to 9:00pm, Wednesday 11th December

  • Eye tracking on Android (The Eye Tribe)

    by Anders Bo Pedersen

    In this session, Anders Bo Pedersen will present the eye tracking technology of Danish startup The Eye Tribe. Anders will give an introduction to eye tracking and its many use cases. He will then present The Eye Tribe SDK and the Open API that will allow developers to get gaze data. Finally he will explain how the technology can be integrated into the Android stack and why this has to be done at system level. A live demo on a Android device will conclude this speak.

    At 9:00pm to 9:45pm, Wednesday 11th December

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  • DroidDevs CPH, final words & next meetup

    Final words and planning of next event

    At 9:45pm to 10:00pm, Wednesday 11th December

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